Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter X Except A Man Be Born Again

Chapter X Except A Man Be Born Again
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


Looking up into the heavens on a dark night we see millions of points of light, which science claims are suns and stars, or planets, each supposedly the dwelling-place of some kind of intelligences similar to the humanity of earth. We assume that there must be life and intelligences on these planets, else they would not shine or give out light. In reality, however, we know nothing about them, only that they shine and emit a radiant, scintillating light, some of them a much more brilliant light than others. We like, on such a night, to imagine that the canopy of heaven is actually that-a vast black curtain spread over the earth, and that the points of light that we see are little holes in the curtain through which streams the Great Light of Heaven.

Some of the holes are larger than others, permitting more light to shine through; and we like to think that during the course of ages by such powerful and continual shining the Great Light will not only wear the holes gradually larger and larger, thus permitting more and more light to penetrate, but that it will wear the curtain very thin, so that the earth eventually will be blessed by always being in the light.

Let us all ponder over the thought of this wonderful Light back of the curtain, where it is always gloriously, radiantly shining, and where no darkness or even the faintest shadow could possibly be. Such must it be in the Kingdom of Heaven, where dwell the Angels of Light, those who know not darkness or the troubles, inharmonies, sorrows, sufferings, sins, crimes and unhappiness born of and bred in the darkness of earth where we dwell. Surely this light must be striving ever so hard to penetrate through the curtain in order to give us children of darkness all the light possible.

Now let us consider men's minds, how they are in truth holes or openings into the great Universal Mind, through which the Light of God's Perfect Love is ever trying to pour in order to illumine man's consciousness. Many millions of men's minds we know are only tiny pin holes, others are fair sized apertures, while a few, comparatively, are large and wide open channels through which the light of Divine Mind pours freely, and from the light that they radiate we feel and know that they are Illumined Souls.

Now let us carry you a little farther, and say that all of these lights that we see in the heavens are in reality only reflections in the outer world of mind of the lights of our centers of Mind shining in the heavens of Consciousness within; that in very truth the dark curtain that separates us from the great Light is the curtain of our mortal minds which in their ignorance think themselves separate from the One Mind. But this curtain is only a self-created curtain and in reality exists solely because men way back in the beginning turned their backs to the Light and consequently now see in memory only the darkened reflections of the radiant bodies of their fellows that were in the beginning- before they turned to this world of shadows. They do not know that these shadows are caused by their belief in separation which keeps their faces ever turned away from the light so that they see only with the darkened sense of self and know no more the light that shines within.

Back through the eons a few in each age awakened to the truth that they had been walking in their own shadow, and they then faced about and were flooded by the light of the sun of their own being. They learned in very truth that they were of the Light-a part of the Sun of God, could walk in Its Light, could live in that Light and could partake of all of Its blessings. Aye, they knew that they were Sons of Light, Sons of Mind, Sons of the God Who is The Light which lighteth every man in the world.

Through the glory of the illumination that followed they learned that their minds were truly one with the One Mind, that there never was and never could be any separation- only as they turned again away from the Light.