Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter X Except A Man Be Born Again

Chapter X Except A Man Be Born Again
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

"You have a more refined body, a cleaner brain, and a better trained intellect. He was enabled to express His nature more easily, without so much hindrance as we were to Him. But that is natural, for you are the soul of that which we earned and provided for you. In you is gathered together all that it He had accomplished in and garnered from each of us, from the simple animal soul-body of the first, long since disintegrated, down to me, who was the last before you."

"Please explain who you are, who these others are? There is something familiar about you. I should know you, but I do not seem to recall your name."

"No, you do not know my name, but I can tell you of many things that you would recall as in a dream. For I, before the Lord called you into expression, was the cumulation of all that He had evolved through the others; I am but the personality or the soul's body that the Lord, your Real Self, used last. Before me came the others, including all those who have become as shadows," pointing to the dim figures in the mists of the panels at the back of me to the extreme left.

"You are now standing in the Hall of Memory in the Temple of Life, as your mortal mind would conceive it, wherein is gathered all of the knowledge of the past, and where it can be fully digested and assimilated by the soul during its sojourn here between incarnations of earth life.

"On these panels are pictured the experiences of each previous incarnation and of the personality which was used in the unfolding of the soul's consciousness while it was enmeshed in a human brain. Each new brain and body enabled the Lord to teach the soul more of His Divine Idea, and in each new personality He manifested more of His Spiritual Nature."

"But who then are you and the others, and who am I?" I asked in a panic.

"I see you have not yet learned the Truth, even though I have heard the Lord many times teach it through you. You as you now deem yourself are but mortal mind's creation. You are what that mind, separate in consciousness from the Lord, has conceived your human self to be, the thoughtbuilt son of man that was born only to die as a separate self, after the soul has lived and learned enough with us in this world of memory to assimilate all the Truth taught in your pictures, which are the true records of its past lives for its and our teaching."

"But I thought I was destined for union with God; I understood He was All in All, that He was my Real Self? But He has gone and left me! After all His teaching and all my understanding, am I now no more than you and the rest?" I cried in an agony of desolation.

"Yes, as you are now, involved in the fear thoughts of your mortal mind, you are no more than we. For you and we are the thought creations of our mortal, separate minds, given life and being by our ignorant misuse of the life breathed into us by the Lord. But remember, all life is His Life, all mind is His Mind, and all substance is His Substance; and when we really know this and abide in this knowledge, then it is that we cease as separate personalities and become one in consciousness with Him, our beloved Lord and Master, Who all the time is and has been our Real Self.

"That knowledge is almost a reality to me and to you- when you are in your normal consciousness, my more than brother; but when it is a reality, can we go on and leave our other selves here behind-for you know that they also are His disciples? Can we?"

"But you say when we really know our true identity we cease as separate personalities. How then can we stay behind to help our brothers?"

"How did Jesus return to His disciples after giving up His mortal personality? Even as did He, so can we, for those personalities are all phases of the soul-our soul, which the Lord is lifting up and making one with His Consciousness. Even as He made the union with His Father-God, and now lives and works in humanity, so can we work with Him-a Son of God, our True Self. For do we not by union enter into His Consciousness and therefore into His Being, and is not His Mind then our Mind, His Life our Life, His Will our Will, His Personality our Personality?

"Then let us, beloved, let go of our sense of mortality and really know our Divinity. Let us give up utterly to Him, and enter into the joy of our Lord, so that He can live His Life in us, do His Will in us, and be His Self in us on all planes of consciousness."

The scene faded from my mind and I slowly returned in consciousness to my self and to the room where I sat. But for a long time afterward I felt the uplift and thrill of this strange experience in which I was thus taught the meaning and purpose of the personality and of the long, long journey of the soul back to its Father's Home. The above experience is of great value to those who can grasp its real meaning. Read again and again until you get its inner significance.