Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter X Except A Man Be Born Again

Chapter X Except A Man Be Born Again
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

And now for the real purpose of this long dissertation on the soul and this explanation about its incarnation in matter. You have seen that it is the soul only that incarnates-not the Higher Self; That, a Son of God, stays in the higher realms of consciousness where, through the brain-mind, It directs the life and teaches the soul the lessons garnered from the experiences of the personality while living in the human body.

Of course the personality knows nothing of past incarnations, only as the soul, while dwelling in and using it, has developed its brain-mind so the soul can bring through to its brain consciousness the memory of former lives as other personalities. But this is only possible with very old and advanced souls-Initiate disciples.

How many who read realize-actually know-the truth of what has just been stated? Are you but an "awakened" soul, in your understanding, or are you conscious of being the Self-the Higher Self of the soul, aye, a Son of God? Think! And if you do not know, go back to "The Impersonal Life" and read, study and meditate until you KNOW.

It is true that all souls must be born again-from above, yet permit us to tell you that no more "living" or immortal souls need be re-born in other physical bodies from this time on-except in families of the "Elect," and then only for a particular purpose and to do a special work. But all reborn or immortal souls must soon come into the full consciousness of their Real Selves-that they may know "who they are and of what they are a part."

This means that all such souls are here to do a work, and that work is now soon to begin. This also means that having come here to do a work, they need necessarily "go no more out," or in other words "die"; and when they do come into the full consciousness of their Real Selves they will realize all this, and will compel their brain-minds and personalities to "get busy" and will make them into perfect instruments for the work that lies ahead.

This is the reason and purpose of teaching you the real meaning of the soul, so that now you may in "dead" earnestness seek to know "who you are and of what you are a part."

Therefore study these articles on the soul until you get their actual meaning. If you are fully determined to know it, you will be shown from within. Then you will be ready for additional and higher truths that will be made known to you in succeeding articles.


In the silence of my room, one day, some years ago, while meditating upon the mystery of the One Life, and trying to realize that my personality with its human mind and body is but the instrument I, an Immortal Soul, have built and am using while expressing through my present state of consciousness, I, or rather this mortal, personal phase of me, that part which concerns itself with outer, separate things, seemed to be led into a vast, wonderful room, my conscious self now having become, curiously, an onlooker, a seeker of knowledge.

This room seemed to be semi-circular in form, with high walls, forming a series of panels, oval-shaped at the top, each exquisitely beautiful in the sheen of marvelous colors that radiated from it; in each a dominant shade or tone so merging into those adjacent that all produced an impression so wholly indescribable, because so unlike anything of earthly experience, that my mind was enthralled and dazed by the brilliancy and beauty of it all.

As I gazed I became dimly conscious that in each panel were pictured wondrous scenes, all seemingly alive in their strange, intense vibration of colors, in one fiery pink predominating, in another deep, azure blue, another emerald green, another solar orange, others brilliant indigo, or richest purple, or pure blood red, or blinding yellow; but each interspersed continually with scintillating flashes of every other color, so that a startling impression of unreality crept into my mind; while at the same time the alluringly attractive interplay of thoughts and emotions, sensed as being outpictured in the colors rather than actually seen, of loves and hates, of aspirations and disappointments, of hot passions, unfulfilled desires, crazed fears and the whole gamut of suffering, held me spellbound and wholly unable to gather all together into an intelligent conception of what it was about.

I seemed to be led into the center of what now appeared to be a great rotunda, the other half of the circle seemingly having closed in behind me-this also being sensed rather than seen. I found myself standing there in the center and gradually became conscious that before each panel and merging into it as if a part of it was a figure.

While wondering at it all, lost in the beauty of the strange, unearthly coloring, there slowly shaped in my mind the query, "Why am I here, and what have I to do with all this?"

A figure seemed to detach itself from the panel at the extreme right. It approached and spoke. There was something vaguely familiar about both figure and the background or scenes in the panel, which sense deepened as I listened.

"So you have come also? He must be finished you and needs you no longer-else why should you be here?"

"What do you mean?"

"The Lord must have completed another phase of the Father's Work and I see that you have furnished Him opportunity to do much that He was not able to do before."

"I do not understand."