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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter X Except A Man Be Born Again

Chapter X Except A Man Be Born Again
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


Many find the study of the soul to be one of fascinating interest, and there is a reason for this interest. For the soul is the ego, the self, the seat of consciousness in man, and when the soul becomes aware of itself, it can never rest until it knows all about its nature, its source and destiny. Because of this restless desire to know-this urge to unfold its consciousness into the fullness of realization, it ever seeks opportunity and means to grow and unfold in wisdom, which is the true word for soul knowledge. This urge is the urge of all life- the cause of all growth, for it is the Idea ensouled in the heart of each living thing which must grow and unfold Itself until It attains and expresses the fullness and perfection of Its nature. That is the law of life. None can escape its operation.

Also because all living things on earth can grow to their fullness of life only on earth, then only by repeated lives on earth can this fullness and perfection be attained. Witness this demonstrated in all nature in the seeming death and rebirth of the trees, grass and vegetation, season after season. Remember it is the souls of the trees, the grass and the vegetation that put on new bodies each year, in order to express the nature of the Idea hidden within their hearts and which outpictures Itself in their "fruit."

This applies as well in animals as in man. In animals it is the soul of the species that reincarnates in the different generations of animals, until the fruitage stage or perfection of the animal Idea of that particular species is attained. Think of the evolution of the animal Idea of the cat species from the ferocious jungle tiger to the household pussycat. In man the soul has become individualized in the human mind, and its consciousness has unfolded to the stage where it can be taught to co-operate with the Intelligence that is directing and assisting it to its fruitage stage.

It can be seen, from the many eons of time that have elapsed since the birth of the human soul, that in one short lifetime on earth it would be impossible to gain more than a rudimentary knowledge of the soul's purpose while in that particular body, time and place of incarnation, even by an average intelligent soul, not to speak of early representatives of the race when there were no books and but at few teachers who knew.

Therefore, it stands to reason, the only way a soul can come into the fullness of wisdom is by repeated lives on earth in many different types of bodies, in many different ages and conditions, giving opportunity for a great variety of experiences, from all of which can be garnered the lessons that would bring wisdom-when the essence of such lessons had been fully digested and assimilated and thus built into soul consciousness.

In order that this great truth can be fully impressed upon those who read, it will be necessary to recapitulate what has been previously stated and thereby point out the essence of the article on the soul in the preceding chapter.

From what was shown, the soul is the sum-total of consciousness that has evolved up through the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms of consciousness to the point where He who originally gave birth to this consciousness could take full charge of its final evolution on earth. Those who were responsible for such soul creations are the Sons of God, Who when They were the humanity on a planet similar to the earth in a previous world period, long before the earth was, committed in Their ignorance many sins and crimes against the law of God, even as man is committing them today.

These sins and crimes, all centers of consciousness-and all consciousness is God's Consciousness, remember- naturally had to be redeemed by those who gave them birth in the realm of mind, and had to be lifted back once more into their true consciousness. These evolved sins and crimes of consciousness have now been gathered together, under the direction of the Sons of God, by the lesser Creative Hierarchies, the Elohim, as described in the first chapter of Genesis, into the trillions of cells of the human body, physical, astral and mental, each, as it were, an entitized center of consciousness of such past miscreations, into and now comprising one composite center of consciousness-the Soul.

This conglomerate consciousness-the human soul-now capable of being consciously and intelligently ruled, a Son of God then personally took charge of, and when fully developed into love consciousness, actually entered and possessed as its Higher Self, for the express purpose of leading its consciousness back into its true state-into the Father's Home-into His Consciousness.

This They are accomplishing by having the soul, under Their direction, build and incarnate in successive human bodies in different ages and conditions, so that from the experience gained on earth, They can teach and explain to the soul through the brain-mind, the medium expressly developed for that purpose, the meaning of it all,-that all life, all minds, all centers of consciousness, which means manifest things, are parts of and one with God's mind, in which all live, move and have their being; and that only by so living that Love is allowed to rule, motivate and direct all activities of the human consciousness can it come into conscious oneness with His Mind.

Eventually thus They-the Sons of God-lift up the soul consciousness first into oneness with Their (the souls' Fathers in Heaven) consciousness, and then finally into oneness with God's (Their Father in Heaven) Consciousness; thus bringing all on earth back into Their Father's Home.