Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter IX Where Two or Three are Gathered Together

Chapter IX Where Two or Three are Gathered Together
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


"What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe ye receive them, and ye shall have them." -Mark 11:24.

Whence come the desires of the heart?

Ask yourself that question and try to answer.

From where else could they come but from Me, the I AM, God within you, Who abides deep within your heart? For the heart is the entrance to the Kingdom of My Consciousness, and from it come all the issues of life- those that matter and affect your on-going and aid Me in the accomplishing of My purpose for you.

Could any desire, then, coming from the heart, be other than good?

Nay, for all such desires are inspired by Me, and are for your good-or they would not be given you.

Must this not be true of Me, God, your all-wise, all-loving, all-powerful and ONLY Self? For am I not ever seeking to manifest My Self in all fullness in man, whom I made in My image and likeness for the sole purpose of such manifestation?

Ask yourself, if you will, what is a desire and why do I give it to you?

Can you not see? It is My sign to you that I purpose giving you or outmanifesting for you that which already exists within you in Spirit, or in My Mind, and of which the desire is but the reflection. Aye, it is My promise of so doing.

Think, could it be otherwise? Could a desire be, if its fulfillment were not already accomplished in My Mind? What possible other purpose could I have in permitting your mind to see it, if not to bring it forth? And if I thus make you aware of My purpose, it is but to prepare your mind so that it will co-operate with Me in the bringing of it forth.

For desire and its accomplishment are one and the same. Every desire, once born in the heart, is already fulfilled in actuality-that is, in My Mind, and but awaits your acceptance of it to come forth into manifestation. One who knows this, instead of longing for and seeking and straining by mental and material means to bring it about for personal use, merely calls it to him, accepts it, and possesses it, and in loving appreciation thanks God for being permitted to use it and to assist Him in His Purpose. All he needs to do, after visioning clearly that for which his heart yearns, is to speak aloud the words:

"Let this desire of my heart, that-(naming it definitely), and which is already fulfilled in my Father's sight, come forth Now in all its fullness and perfection, that the Father may be glorified in me His son."

Know, My child, that this is a simple law, but how hard and difficult you have made it for it to work for you and for your good! By your anxious fears and seeking to obtain and use for your own selfish ends, you have but covered the fulfillment with a cloud of darkness, hiding it from the outer light, and thus preventing your seeing that which only awaits your recognition of the truth of its being to come forth and bless you.

By possessing it is meant feeling and acting as if it is already yours, as it really Is, letting no thought or feeling contrary to such consciousness of possession for one slightest moment be entertained by your mind. By thus going about in that consciousness, you become a powerful attracting magnet-aye, a cosmic vortex-toward which all the powers of mind and all the forces of nature speedily rush at your voiced command to fill full and complete that which temporarily seems a lack or need. Know likewise this truth,-All that I have is yours now, and always was yours. Therefore great riches of the Spirit are yours, and when I reflect in your mind from a desire felt in your heart an image of that which will fulfill (fill full) a need in your life, know now that as I thus promise so shall it BE speedily-according to the degree of your cooperation with the law.

But before you seek to prove this law, be sure that your desires spring from your heart, and are not from the selfish and separate mind. For a use of the law for selfish ends will surely bring its own retribution. Learn prayerfully to distinguish your personal desires from My desires for you.

That is not hard to learn, for My desires are always for your soul's good-and for the soul good of others, and never to benefit the selfish personality. To realize this, however, self must step aside, and you must learn to view your desires as if they were the desires of another. Nothing is ever good that will take from or deprive another to benefit self. It is much better that you yield to what seems a selfish desire on the part of another, than to deprive that other of it-if such would benefit self.

On the other hand it is wisdom to withhold from a selfish personality that which would only feed its selfishness, if such withholding in no way benefits self. This last, however, requires great strength of mind and an understanding heart, which has learned to turn to Me for guidance at all times.