Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter IX Where Two or Three are Gathered Together

Chapter IX Where Two or Three are Gathered Together
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

We have led you through this long roundabout journey in order to show you the many elements and factors that enter into the constitution of the soul; for the above-mentioned aggregation of centers of intelligence, comprising the grouped consciousness every cell of the body but dwelling in the body now as a composite and at the same time an individual self-consciousness, is-when guided and dieted by the Higher Self-what constitutes the soul of man. In other words, the soul is the "intelligence" evolved out of the experience of consciousness working up through the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms and combining all into human or self-consciousness, with this intelligence now capable of working with and being used by the Sons of God, Who as his Higher Selves are directing man's spiritual evolution.

By this time you will perhaps have perceived that the consciousness of man is evolving in and through him along three distinct lines at one and the same time. First there is the consciousness of the cells of his animal body; secondly the consciousness of the human mind or intellect, and last the consciousness that is responsible for and is causing and directing all-the overshadowing Holy Spirit, through Sons of God.

We might say that the soul is now functioning through the self-consciousness of the human mind and using it as a medium for its outer expression, having evolved up through the various kingdoms of consciousness comprising that of the different cells of the human body, and having built into its consciousness all the intelligence acquired from such kingdoms of consciousness; and that it will continue to evolve and unfold through and from its earth experiences until it is lifted up into the consciousness of the Sons of God Who are serving the Holy Spirit as the soul's Higher Self and Teacher.

Expressing this another way we might add that the consciousness of the soul has evolved up through the density of the material or outermost realms, through the etheric and emotional realms, into the mental realms, and is now supposed to be about midway between the lower and higher realms of mind; which explains why the soul is constantly swayed and torn between its lower and higher natures.

Remember that we are speaking now only of living or awakened souls, for the un-awakened and un-regenerate souls are only existing or, we might say, sleeping in their mortal consciousness, the consciousness of the vast majority of the race today being down on the lower emotional levels.

From the beginning, there have been the few who are far in advance of the masses of humanity. The race unfoldment ranges from the Immortals or Super-men, down through geniuses, or high intellectuals; through the average intelligent mortals in our highly civilized nations; then through the backward nations with their large masses of the uneducated and ignorant to the few barbaric peoples still upon the earth, the latter not far above the domestic animals in intelligence.

You must also realize that even among the most highly educated or cultured and supposedly most intelligent are very many who have not yet fully mastered all of the qualities of their animal nature,-for instance, their appetites for food and drink; witness the gourmands and drunkards even in our "best society," So that it is a case of the soul, once awakened, having to unfold and lift up-as it progresses-the consciousness of the cell centers of all of the lower kingdoms that still comprise its being, and that it cannot itself grow without turning back, as it were, and helping along the laggard qualities of its own nature and thereby of the lower kingdoms to which it is related. From the foregoing you can gather much that will explain and clarify the meaning and exact status of the human brain mind or personality-the mind that is "overshadowed" and reflected in man by a Son of God-the mind's Higher Self, an actual Son of Mind; also called the Holy Spirit-the Christ, the directing Mind of Jehovah God, Himself.

In other words, it is God's Mind or Consciousness reflected down through a Son of God, through the soul, into a physical brain; the human mind being but the soul in expression on the physical plane, and through the soul a Son of God and very God Himself also expressing. This means that the soul is you, is your consciousness, as you are when quiet and uninfluenced by any outer thoughts; a consciousness that is therefore independent of your human brain, which it uses only to express itself in the world of matter. You are ever trying to bring the consciousness of your human mind into oneness with your consciousness, which if you are a disciple is one with the consciousness of your Higher Self, a Son of God, who is one with His Father God's Consciousness.

The human soul in each succeeding manifestation on earth of necessity builds for itself, under the direction of its Higher Self, a new body with a new brain mind, appearing in each earth life as a new and different personality. In each personality the soul seeks and gains new experiences, from which through its brain mind it is taught by its Higher Self many lessons whose spiritual essence is built into soul consciousness. Thus gradually the soul or ego is taught all that the Higher Self can teach it on earth, and it knows all that its Teacher knows, when evolution on earth is finished and the soul of man has become more than man.

This pertains only to individual man, for when he reaches this, his divine estate, he turns back and, along with all of his Brothers who have reached that same estate, he helps the souls of his younger brothers also to reach it. After long eons of time evolution accomplishes the awakening and unfoldment of all on earth-Jehovah God's original plan and purpose, and all mortals have become living souls, and all souls have grown to be super-men; earth no longer contains for them any consciousness which could hold them in the human estate or which needs lifting up into Oneness with Divine Consciousness.

There is so much of vital and far-reaching truth in the foregoing, that we earnestly urge every student who seeks a clear, reasonable and satisfying explanation of the soul to read it repeatedly, slowly and carefully, until the exact meaning is perceived.

We know that it is all very abstract and requires deep concentration to penetrate to the meaning behind the words, and that it is different from anything elsewhere taught; therefore it is necessary to bring to its study an open mind cleansed of all formed ideas and beliefs, in order that its truths y be fully grasped.

But persistent study will bring results that will happily repay you for the time and effort expended, for you will gain an understanding of a subject that savants and philosophers back through the ages have spent their lives seeking without finding, but which is clearly shown in this and the succeeding articles.