Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter IX Where Two or Three are Gathered Together

Chapter IX Where Two or Three are Gathered Together
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


Now there was a very significant reason for Jehovah God calling upon these particular Sons of God to perform this great task of redeeming and uplifting the consciousness of these human souls. For way back many world periods before the earth was They were part of the humanity of another planet, the same as we are part of the humanity of earth. And They in the ignorance of Their then human nature, in Their countless lives on that planet, committed many sins and crimes against God and Their fellow men, for everyone of which They were held responsible by Their Father God, and everyone of which some day They would be required to redeem-even as we are responsible for and must redeem all that we have committed in this and our many past lives.

In the course of innumerable eons the souls of the humanity of this ancient planet evolved in consciousness into oneness with Their Higher Selves, then into oneness with the Ruler of Their planet, and finally into oneness with the Ruler of the Solar Universe, Their Father God. In the meantime They were gaining vast experience in the building of forms for the use of the consciousness and in the directing of its unfoldment while expressing in the multiplicity of mediums in the various realms under Their charge, and in all their different stages of development, from the elemental and etheric up through the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms.

During such experience, They earned and attained many high degrees in the spiritual and celestial Hierarchies, including that of the Elohim, eventually reaching the exalted state of "Sons of God." Finally through the knowledge, power and understanding gained, the time came when They were prepared and ready to take full charge of Their own former miscreations of that long ago world period, which in mercy had been lifted away and deposited in the outermost reaches of consciousness in a realm known as the "eighth sphere," confined there in densest darkness where they would do as little harm as possible, and where they formed the nucleus of what some day would be a new planet.

Imagine a great compost heap of vegetable and animal refuse lying decaying and putrid under the sun, rain and snow, season after season-what a vast amount of energy is being generated, which, when this refuse matter is deposited in a barren field and plowed into the soil, will sweeten, enrich and renew it, giving it new life and enabling it to bring forth rich and bounteous harvests. In much the same way was this great compost heap of the foul sins and crimes of that ancient humanity lying rotting and offensive, generating new life forces in the darkest realm of consciousness, awaiting the time when they could be used in building a new field of evolution and in providing the energy and substance for the new humanity that later would be grown by and harvested from it. In fact this cosmic compost heap you can now gather was what originally constituted our planet earth, and those Great Beings Who were responsible for it and all that compose it are the Sons of God Who are actually the Higher Selves of every soul on earth. They naturally are responsible not only for our consciousness but for that of every living thing on the planet, as well as for the earth itself. For is not all of such consciousness what was originally that of Their miscreations of the dim past, which They are redeeming out of the darkness of ignorance in which they were given birth and are lifting back up into the light of the Father's Consciousness?

Read the last six paragraphs again carefully, so that you get their full meaning, and then go back and study what precedes them. You will find it will help to make many things clear that were not grasped in the first reading. It will also enable you to understand why a Son of God necessarily assumed the direction of the vast aggregation of the centers of intelligence grouped together and comprising the consciousness of the trillions of cells of the human body, every one of which was a sin or crime, His own miscreations of that former world period, and all of which had evolved up through the three lower kingdoms of earth life to the human stage of development. These kingdoms, however, were still closely related to these cells because of this body that they formed still containing their actual elements-as the mineral in the bones and teeth; the vegetable in the hair and nails; and the animal in the flesh, muscle and ligaments.

But try to realize that up to the stage when the animal body changed and became formed and shaped into the image and likeness of the Elohim, there was no actual mind inhabiting these bodies, that the directing of their lives" and activities was done by the Minds of the Elohim Who individually had charge of certain whole species of animals, even as before other and lower grades of the Elohim overshadowed and directed different species of the vegetable kingdom, and similarly species of the mineral kingdom. There was no actual directing mind in any animal, but there was an elemental soul animating each. However, many animals of a species were under the direction and control of an overshadowing Group Soul, which means of a conscious intelligent outer Mind capable of directing and controlling the elemental forces of nature,-a Mind which could be no other than that of one of the Elohim-the Great Beings above mentioned.

This is explained so that you can understand that, even though man's body was formed in human shape, man was still only a super-animal, and that it was only when man was overshadowed and guided exclusively by a Son of God that he became endowed with a mind and thereupon was given the power of becoming a "living" soul; which means that his soul was then given the charge and direction of his own mind and body, and was made responsible for them by His Higher Self and for the life forces animating them. In other words, it was not until the Sons of God took charge and gave man his mind that man became a self-conscious entity, with the possibility of attaining immortality.