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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter IX Where Two or Three are Gathered Together

Chapter IX Where Two or Three are Gathered Together
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


From this you will also be able to see that the so-called "fall" of Adam and Eve was really the conscious descent of the Sons of God into these human souls, thereby into generation, in order to evolve the consciousness expressing through them into re-generation, or into Their consciousness, and then later into Their Father's consciousness. The consequences of this "fall" into generation, which need not enter into this article, are what the soul is now working up through, and whereby, under the direction and instruction of the Higher Self, a Son of God, it is gradually gaining the understanding of the true meaning of both generation and regeneration which this experience is intended to teach. Our previous explanations have made you aware that there is an intimate relation between the soul and the love-nature; and you can now comprehend that not until the love-nature is quickened and unfolded, and man is "re-born" by the Christ Spirit entering into the soul, does the soul awaken and man become a "living" soul, and thus begin his return journey to his Father's home, its Higher Self's-a Son of God's-consciousness.

If you will read this and ponder over it carefully, you will be startled, perhaps, by the thought that many are living today who, while they are mortal men, are not "living" or "awakened" souls and consequently have not attained immortality; they are not yet "re-born," their Higher Selves not living in their souls, but only overshadowing them, much as some of the domestic animals are overshadowed. Yes, this is only too true, as you must admit when you try to talk of spiritual things to many of those around you. They not only can not understand, but seemingly do not want to understand or listen and think for themselves, and perhaps consider you a "little cracked on religion," when you talk of such things to them. But this does not mean that in the course of the ages they will not evolve along with the race into immortality, their final destiny, or that certain ones among them will not "ripen" and come into soul fruitage before their fellows; for as is manifest throughout all nature certain members of a species mature and ripen faster than others.

Returning to our subject, and to the fifth verse of the second chapter of Genesis, we have seen how man's etheric body was growing concrete and substantial, and his consciousness had developed an intelligence that could be directed and used for his further advancement; but if you will note "no plant of the field was yet on the earth, and no herb of field had yet sprung up, and there was no man to till the ground." Which means that the planet earth had grown dense and material enough so that it was now ready for the habitation of physical man; but nothing as yet grew upon its surface, and there was no man to till the ground and cultivate the plants and herbs, even if there were any growing upon the earth.

Therefore everything being ripe and ready, Jehovah God, exercising the power of His Creative Will, breathed forth into the earth a new cyclic Life Wave, and "there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground" (watered the etheric substance with a new energizing Spiritual Force), causing the vegetation of all kinds that had been created in etheric form (as recorded in the first chapter of Genesis) to come forth into manifestation and to grow out of the ground. Likewise as a sufficient number of human beings had now evolved from their animal consciousness to self-consciousness, He caused man's etheric body to slow down in vibration, and thus to become dense; and out of this same etheric, spiritual substance (dust), the basic substance or ground from which all matter springs and out of which was now growing the vegetation of the earth, man's physical body was formed. It was when man-the pioneers of the race who had evolved into self-consciousness-thus became fully manifest on earth and had grown accustomed to his new habitation and environment, that Jehovah God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. This means that it was then that the Sons of Mind first gave to man his mind, which made him conscious of his identity as a "self," and also They assumed jurisdiction over man's consciousness and became responsible for his further evolution; but that it was only in the case of the few highly evolved souls-there being comparatively few Adamic men at that time-that They entered into and possessed them, thus making of them living souls and consequently changing them into immortal beings.

If you will remember, however, it was right after man became a living soul that Jehovah God placed this new man in the Garden of Eden and called him Adam, which means he entered a new spiritual consciousness, higher than that of earth, where every good thing grew and provided him with all that he needed for his physical, mental and spiritual sustenance. In other words, these Adamic men were the pioneers or the first appearance of a new and higher evolved race of living souls, immortal men, all others being ordinary human beings or mortal souls, still sleeping and bound up in the sensations of the flesh.

The vast masses of these other human beings, the Sons of God overshadowed, directing and guiding them much as the other and lower grades of Divine Beings did the animal and vegetable kingdoms. But while the latter served as Group Souls to all of the individuals forming a certain species of animal or vegetable, and thus guided their evolution, a Son of God became individually responsible for but one human being, acting as its overshadowing Spirit.