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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter VIII I, If I Be Lifted Up, will Draw All Men unto Me

Chapter VIII I, If I Be Lifted Up, will Draw All Men unto Me
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


In the preceding chapter we told in the article "Husband and Wife" about married couples coming more closely together in this Work through the truths taught and the Spirit of Service engendered, thus rounding out and complementing each others' characters.

The following, written by such a complemented couple, tells how to bring about the union of consciousness between husband and wife that must be in disciples of Christ:

"If there is any situation in your immediate circle in which there is a decided lack of harmony, you must work that out into Harmony, or you cannot truly teach anyone the precepts of the Higher Law. For Harmony is the first Law, the supreme Law, and it eventually must be lived to the Nth degree.

"Without harmonizing the position in which you stand here and now, how can you expect to touch other souls into Love and Harmony who come to you for help? To teach a law you must first learn it and then live it.

"FIRST LAW: Cleanse thyself first of all inharmony. Bring thy body into subjection to thy mind, thy mind into subjection to thy Spirit, and thy Spirit into subjection to thy God. Let the Harmony of God flow down through thy point of contact-thy Spirit, through thy mind into thy body, and out to all those with whom you come into contact through the spoken word or the creative word. The word must be spoken.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Ward was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him (the Word) and without Him was not anything made that was made."

"God created all things by the spoken Word. He said, 'Let there be light, etc.' and there was light, etc. We in contact with God can create Perfect Harmony, if we speak the positive word of Perfect Harmony. Say to thyself:

"I am a child of my loving Father-God, a brother of the Lord Jesus Christ. I as my True Self walk and talk in Perfect Harmony with Them, Let the words of my mouth, the thoughts of my mind, and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer."

"SECOND LAW: Then when thou hast created Harmony in thyself, begin to help the one nearest land dearest to thee to harmonize himself (or herself) by holding him (or her) in your thought in Perfect Harmony with the Father and the Son. For a little while go apart and in the quiet away from that person, preferably when he or she is asleep, speak out loud these words:

"My dear one, we are One with the Father and the Son, and in the Oneness of the High Consciousness of the Holy Spirit we walk and talk with Them. Let there be perfect Peace and Understanding and Love between us, that we may clearly manifest that which the Father wills."

"Slowly that inharmonious mind, soul and body become more and more harmonious, and one day your dearest one will say something that will permit you to speak these words to that one face to face. But be careful, go slowly. Wait! Wait! Wait, I say, on the Lord in perfect trust until that one speaks to you the key-word that will open the door so that you may enter in. Do not force that door. If you do you will be 'thrown out' as-it-were. Jesus Christ said, 'Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice let him open and I will come in and sup with him.'

"Knock gently. Wait. Knock again, and wait. Wait until your dearest one hears and answers your knock, saying, 'Come in.' Knocking means knocking at the door of the heart or subconscious mind until it hears, and to do that we must wait until the subconscious mind is free from that tyrant, the conscious mind-when it is asleep. And then some glorious day thy dearest one's subconscious mind will be wise and strong enough to explain to its conscious mind about the Christ standing and knocking at the door of the heart, and cause it to open the door and tell Him to 'Come in.'

"And then, and only then, will the Christ in thee and the Christ in thy dearest one enter in and sit down and sup together in Perfect Harmony.

"And thus your trying situation will vanish like mist before the sun. For just as the rays of the sun directed on the mist dispel it and we see clearly, so the Rays of God's Love directed through us will destroy that mist of inharmony in another, and suddenly we will see clearly face to face." On reflection you will see from the above that this method can be applied not only to husband and wife, but to child or parent, brother or sister, friend or enemy, business associate or customer, whom you would help to come under the Law of Harmony. All that it needs is to use words suitable to the conditions needing adjustment. You will find that you need change none of the words, and need add only what the Loving One within inspires.

Remember that in Spirit you are One, not only with the Father and the Son, but with the Higher Self of the one whom you would quicken and help; and following the words, "Let there be perfect Peace and Understanding and purest Love between us, that we may clearly manifest that which the Father trills," you can add:

"You are not bound by any claims of the flesh, or of the would, or of the separate mind, for these have no existence in Spirit. Let the perfection that you are in Spirit and your own good that awaits expression now come forth, that the Father may be glorified in the Son."

The oneness of consciousness in Spirit of you and your brother is actual, as has so often been shown. Therefore by simply KNOWING this, and talking as above to the soul of another, the soul will hear and when the brain mind is quiet will convey to it what was received from you-even as when in the quiet of meditation you find thoughts flowing into your mind reminding you of things forgotten and what you need to know.

But you must let your Higher Self do the talking through you; your personal desires and human love and anxiety must be wholly replaced by a yearning to help and serve the highest in the other. Only through such an impersonal love can your Real Self reach and impress the soul consciousness of the other with the truth of what you will say, so that it will push forth to the outer mind.

While speaking to the other at night when the brain mind is asleep makes it easier for the soul to accept, yet at other times whenever spoken with positive power and confident knowing, it will also accept, especially when you continue speaking until the conviction comes that it has heard. Then cease and rest in peace, thanking and praising God for His many mercies.

A persistent practice and proving of this method will bring remarkable results, and we urge every reader to begin at once to put it to the test. This is a wonderful work you can do. We pray that our loving Father will guide you and make you into an efficient laborer in His vineyard, so that you may become capable and ready when needed for larger and more universal service.