Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter VIII I, If I Be Lifted Up, will Draw All Men unto Me

Chapter VIII I, If I Be Lifted Up, will Draw All Men unto Me
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

"I understand now what you mean when you say that we should make no distinguishment-that God, Christ and the Higher Self are all one. They do not differ in themselves but only in us, according to each one's ability to understand. They are different ASPECTS, that is, they are different only as they vary with the position of the beholder. Which is really no difference, but only an appearance of difference.

"Boundless Being, The Supreme, the Seven Creative Logoi, the Solar Gods, The Logos, these are different states of consciousness, ONE CONSCIOUSNESS being in them all, but perceived in varying degree, according to the plane of manifestation. The consciousness is the string upon which all the beads of being are strung,-it is a rosary of realization.

"Intellectually I have been in great confusion trying to differentiate, but the true mystic does not bother about the different planes and manifestations, because he goes back of manifestation and above planes to the INMOST. If we learn by study, by experience, we must contact all planes; but if we learn by faith and intuition we are unaware of the rungs of the ladder by which we climb. The true mystic does not think of the ladder at all, only of the goal.

AFTERWARD, when we KNOW, it will be interesting to examine all this learning, for the pattern is wonderful; but we see clearer after we have reached the top.

"Ever you must return to the clear, open vision; ever you must renew the eyes in love, vast, undying, limitless love, sensing it as the one power moving in and through and BEYOND the Universe, pervading your life."


My child, dost thou believe that I am-I, and I alone? Then thou must believe that all that thou art, I am-that thy body, thy mind, thy life, thy will, thy self,-all are Mine. Then thou must be I, My Self. Which means that thou canst not be separate or different in any particular from Me. Only as thou thinkest thyself different canst thou be other than I am in any phase of thy nature.

Then naturally, if thou thinkest thyself as not different but one with Me, so shalt thou be, and thou shalt express My nature.

Be still, until thou gleanest the full import of these words. If I am thy self, then if thou wilt but thus know it and let Me think My thoughts, speak My words, and do My will in thee-which I will always do if thou keepest thy thoughts of a separate self and will from thy mind-then thou wilt soon learn to be thy true self and wilt consciously join thy mind and will with Mine, and I will work through thee and My mind and will shall become thine, and thou wilt know thyself as I AM, even as My beloved Son, Christ Jesus, showed My Self to thee.

But before thou canst be and do this, thou must accustom thy mind to the knowledge of thy true nature as very Christ living in thy body and ruling thy consciousness and the consciousness of thy body, Thou must strive unceasingly to permit no thoughts to enter thy mind and no feelings to influence thy heart that thou knowest are not Mine.

Yea, thou must speak to thy mind as I am now speaking to thee, and must convince it by words of truth whom thou art-must lift it up into the consciousness that thou knowest to be Mine and thine.

Thou must even persuade the consciousness of the organs and parts of thy body that thou art now allied with God, the All-Good, thereby wiping out of their consciousness all the old separative thoughts of imperfection and not-good, and promising that henceforth only the good and perfect thoughts of the God thou art will be sent them, in order that the All-Good of the One Life may manifest in and through them in perfect harmony.

Then thou must practice daily, hourly, seeing thyself, feeling thyself, and being outwardly the all-good God that thou, thyself, art in reality.

Yes, thou canst do this, by saying and meaning it as thou sayest:

"Be still, and know-I AM,-God."

Saying it again and again-and realizing truly thyself as God-to the consciousness of the organ or part of the body that still yields to the claim of separation. Say it until it is freed from such false claim, and know that it must obey and let go; for error cannot stand before truth spoken by one who knows-any more than darkness can remain where there is light.

Then in order that I may use thee as a channel for the freeing and healing of others, thou must practice keeping thy heart open and letting My love pour out and radiate from thee, as light radiates from a powerful arc lamp. Thou wilt thus become a moving center of influence for good that will affect all who meet thee, for My love-life in the midst of thee will touch and quicken the love-life in the midst of them, and they will be lifted up and made to long for and to come close to Me in consciousness, even though at the time they know it not.

Ah, do I hear some ask, How canst thou open thy heart and let out My love?

Dost thou not love someone or something-thy mother, thy sweetheart, a dear friend, a babe, a kitten? If thou knowest not as yet that thou hast a heart, study carefully thy feelings when thou seest such a cherished one,-note the warmth and welling up in thy heart of something precious and wonderful there.

Dost thou ever feel kind, or long to help some suffering or needy one? When such feelings compel thy attention, know that it is My love in thy heart opening it and asking to be let out. And if thou yieldest, thy soul will rejoice, for just that much more is it freed from self.

From much yielding to such feelings I shall in time teach thee to keep thy heart always open for My use; for in such a heart I come and make my abode and there live My life, do My will, and manifest My Self, unhindered and unlimited by the separate mind-love having long since dissolved all sense of difference and separation, and lifted it up into oneness with My mind.

Thus as My mind in thee is lifted up do I draw ill men unto Me.