Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter VIII I, If I Be Lifted Up, will Draw All Men unto Me

Chapter VIII I, If I Be Lifted Up, will Draw All Men unto Me
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

A thing or a force is evil only so long as we do not understand the law of its being and therefore cannot control it. Such was lightning, electricity, steam, fire, the winds and the waves, before man learned to control them and afterwards to make them serve him. See what good and useful servants they are now, as a result of being studied, understood and wisely controlled."

For the same reason a wise man, instead of fighting, rebelling against, or running away from what appears to be evil, will seek to know it for what it really is-a force permitted by God to try, test and develop man's strength of character and to teach him wisdom; and never to tempt him-as is attributed to God's "adversary."

But do not forget that evil, like any other uncontrolled force, is destructive, and therefore its nature must be fully understood, and whenever possible it must be prevented from doing any active harm. Evil is a negative force, and according to the law of its being is attracted only by forces of a negative nature. It is well known that fear, worry, anxiety, anger, envy, jealousy, greed, etc., all of which are negative, attract forces that are inherently evil. But know this-evil cannot hurt or touch one of positive mind who knows his part in God and Good-who knows that God is All, and that not only is there nothing therefore to fear, but that God is always a loving and protective power that will take care of all whose minds are stayed on Him. One who knows this ordinarily needs do nothing but stand aside and watch the law work, realizing that in time evil will destroy itself.

It is our hope eventually to have all who are journeying with us to know evil for just what it is-that it exists everywhere outside the Kingdom of God's Consciousness, which is all Love, and that by entering that Consciousness- the consciousness of the I AM within us, we can look right through the seeming evil and see the good that it hides.

This particularly applies to the seeming evil in the personalities around us. Until one is poised in the I AM Consciousness so that one always sees through the eyes of Love, the imperfections of another stand forth more or less glaringly, thus distracting the attention and preventing one from seeing the good in the other. But when we have given ourselves and all of our personal ideas wholly over to the Loving One within, He gradually frees us from such separative forces and permits us a glimpse of Himself in the souls of others. Those favored ones who are vouchsafed such glimpse ever afterward cannot help but keep their hearts wide open, letting His love pour out when contacting others, ever seeking and longing to see Him again in all the souls they meet.

Of course the knowledge of God being all there is must become a fixed part of our consciousness, in order to cause us thus always to seek to see and know the Christ-self of our brother. It is magical in effect when one really looks for good in another-one can always find it; when one really seeks to know God, in one way or another He will surely reveal Himself.


Some have written us about not differentiating in "The Impersonal Life" between God, the Father, Christ, and the Higher Self, the I AM throughout its message apparently speaking for each and representing all, so we propose herein to give the reason for such non-differentiation. It has also been remarked that in accepting the Impersonal message one is expected to jump from mortality to the God-head, in fact to the Absolute, without recognition of any of the intervening stages.

While this in a way is true, for we accept-nay, know- God as within us, as our very Self, we do not deny that there are many stages for humanity as a whole to pass through before even mastery of the mortal nature is attained, not to speak of Godhood.

But the Impersonal Life message is not for all humanity, any more than is the message in this book. For comparatively few individuals of the hundreds of millions of humanity are as yet able to receive and understand the truths they contain. These truths are given out to awaken and call forth the chosen of the Lord-the teachers and servers of humanity, preparatory to the ushering in of the New Day or Eon.

Make no mistake, you who hear and feel within the leap of your soul at these words, you need not go through these many stages, taking eons of time; but you can know and be your God-self now, here, in this life-if you will follow Christ Jesus, the One sent of the Father to lead and show the way to all who have the courage to follow Him. In order to help explain the identity of God, Christ and the Higher Self, we quote part of a letter received from one of our earnest ones that is quite remarkable and very illuminating, and clearly brings out the most important phases of the subject-so conclusively that we find it unnecessary to add anything to it. The first part of what follows, while not definitely relating to the subject, is so good and helpful, we are including it:

"Sometimes I have felt that I have made little progress, and from the positive side this is probably so. It has been a process of 'killing out,' a getting rid of self. Years ago I used to say that I would rather be myself than anyone else; I envied none, no matter how miserable I might be I would not change with any other soul. Then I passed through a period when I felt I would gladly change with many souls; and now I am at the point where I do not prize individuality at all in the ordinary sense. To be an onlooker, yet a worker too, beholding the splendour and reflecting it, shedding it forth, yet utterly invisible and unconscious of self,-that would be my choice. It would not trouble me to know that when I pass from this life I shall cease to be, except for my ability to know and feel, and to accomplish. I could even be content never to meet my dear ones in person; if I could be assured that they too had entered the consciousness of God. "But I have a feeling that we lose our individuality only to find it again, since each of us is an attribute of God, hence distinctly individual. But until one develops the true Being, it must be wonderful to rest in non-being; it would be like a night's sleep replete with dreams.