Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter VII I Have Chosen You!

Chapter VII I Have Chosen You!
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

Do you know that there are many such couples in this Work? And there will be many more, for one of our chief endeavors is to join husband and wife in spirit or in the consciousness of the divine purpose of their coming together in this close relationship-where they can truly learn with each other's help to master the lower self, and then to work as one in loving service under their blessed Master, Jesus Christ.

Our part is to assist each husband and wife wherever we can to know that they will grow spiritually very much faster when striving to serve unitedly than each could alone. For alone they are incomplete-that is, the one complements and supplies certain soul qualities and powers that the other lacks, else they would never have come together-being so different.

You may not realize this now-some of you who do not yet know the soul of your husband or wife. We have seen numerous instances where a wife deemed her husband far beneath her spiritually, and when the quickening came to the husband, he proved to be much more advanced than the wife-especially in living and practicing what he knew. Similarly, where the husband thought the wife knew nothing about Truth, when the time of her quickening came she showed herself to be much beyond him in true spiritual understanding.

After coming together in the Work, however, these inequalities begin to disappear, as each learns to know and supply spiritually to the other what each lacks and needs. Thus they complement and round out-as two-in-one-their united channel for service under our Blessed Master, and are in a position to accomplish what He intended from the beginning.


The time has come to give definite exercises that will help to lift the consciousness to that of the Master within. Those of you who have earnestly sought to gain a realization of the meaning of the words "Be Still and Know-I AM-God," as suggested in the earlier articles and in "The Impersonal Life," may already have caught a glimpse of this consciousness, for these magical words have helped many to enter it.

In order to prepare your mind for as clear an understanding as possible of what follows, reread chapters II and XVII of "The Impersonal Life." This will also help you more easily to get into the attitude of mind necessary to comply with the suggestions to be given. Then read carefully all that is stated, seeking to grasp its inner meaning, before attempting to obey any of the instructions.

Stand or sit at ease in front of a mirror and look at your reflection therein. Look particularly into the eyes and try to see and note the intelligence shining out of them. Try to realize that that intelligence is your mind or soul, but that You who are Spirit are much more than that intelligence or soul, whose mind is now thoroughly alert wondering what is coming.

Also realize that in very truth what you see in the mirror is but a reflection-an appearance-of what your mind thinks is You. But the Real You, being Spirit, cannot be seen, and instead is that which sees and knows all things. Now slowly and very positively-trying as you voice each word to realize fully the deep meaning and significance of the command in them-speak to that intelligence which you see looking out of the eyes in the mirror as follows (you can say it aloud or silently to yourself-whichever is the most effective to you):

"Be still and know,-I AM-God. Know that I am, and that you are not at all-as a separate being. I am not your body, mind or soul,-I am Spirit. I am that which animates you, which lives you, which is your intelligence, which is your power to be and to do all that you are and do. "I am your REAL self-your ONLY self-I, the God of you. You are only a portion of My Consciousness, dwelling within a focalized center of My Mind, which you call your self. The proof is, you are nothing, know nothing, can do nothing, only as I inspire and empower you to know and do it."

Continue thus to talk to that intelligence-saying whatever you feel led to say, letting the words speak themselves- with no thought or effort on your part. Keep on talking to it until you find that you have the full attention of your mind, that it is actually listening to you,-when you need look in the mirror no longer, but may close your eyes, for your mind is listening and you can now talk direct to it.

As you continue you will suddenly realize, as your mind follows all that is said, that it is hearing some deep truths which you of yourself never knew before; and with a flash of illumination you will become mystically aware that That which is speaking is from a Consciousness that seems to know all things, that that Consciousness is I AM, God within you, the Real You, and that what is listening and hearing is what you formerly thought was you, but which is only your brain mind which believed itself separate from God's Consciousness-That which is All in all.

Thus has your consciousness for the time being been lifted from the lower brain mind to your higher divine mind-its true home, where it "sees" as You, the Master, wish it to see, and it knows as You know.

Try to grasp the deep significance of every word of the above, and until you do, read it over again-and still again, before proceeding to do what is required. Then practice it faithfully until you get the realization. If you are determined to get it, it will come.

Practice will eventually make it easy to enter the higher consciousness at will-by simply commanding: "Be still and know,-I AM-God."