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Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter VII I Have Chosen You!

Chapter VII I Have Chosen You!
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


We wish you now to think with us on a subject that is very close to some of you-especially to those who are married, and which perhaps is of more importance to such than any other subject we could consider.

It happens that many seekers after truth, many aspirants- aye, many even who are approaching discipleship, are traveling alone in their search, unaccompanied by husband or wife, who seemingly are unsympathetic with-if they are not actually antagonistic to-their aspirations and efforts to follow and serve the Master.

We wish to recall to you some of the deep truths stated in the chapter on "Soul Mates" in "The Impersonal Life," or rather to restate them in different words. After which we suggest the rereading and studying of the whole chapter. First, do not think for one moment that it was an accident or a mistake that you are wedded to the one who is now legally your husband or wife. For the I AM, the Higher Self, the Knower, Lover, and Doer within you-and within all-never makes a mistake. Then there must have been a deep purpose in your coming into such special relationship with this other soul, must there not?

Next, remember that this other soul is an Angel from Heaven, even as are you-an attribute of God, a Divine Being-confined in a human body and looking out through the barred cage of its personality. The human mind in that body knows not why it is here in this particular condition and environment, but the soul-if it is awakened-knows, and with the help of the Higher Self often tries to tell the human mind. Some of you who are approaching discipleship have been able to give to your minds glimpses of the purpose of such relationship. You are those who will understand what follows.

Can you not see that two souls never come together intimately in any family or other relationship who do not in a way belong together? That is, they either complement or fit in with one another in such a way as to bring about or fulfill certain necessary conditions that will develop and round out their characters and bring wisdom to their souls, so that harmony may eventually express in their outer lives. Ponder over that a bit, and you will realize that it must be true-you who are learning the law of Love and Harmony.

And then perhaps it may occur to you that the principal reason for the one coming to you as husband or wife in this life is to help each of you to learn your lessons, which evidently you failed to learn in the past, and this time to strive more determinedly to conquer those qualities or weaknesses in you which the other seems uncannily able constantly to bring to the surface-each thus under the direction of the Higher Self actually teaching the other. Of course, if you are still quite selfish and headstrong, and refuse to face yourself and see only those qualities in the other which show up your own weaknesses so glaringly, and you rebel against it all and seek to remain apart from the other, it only postpones the happiness and peace your human mind seeks and which your soul longs for and keeps urging you toward.

On the other hand where human love is still very strong- and selfish, and unwilling to allow the other the freedom of life and thought which you insist upon having for yourself, and you try to force that other to think and see as you love to do,-you will have to learn through much suffering and unhappiness that the strongest demand of the soul is for perfect freedom, and that one who would bind another soul can expect not love, but rebellion, deceit and constant antagonism, if not smothered hatred.

This, however, hardly applies to one on The Path. Such a one gets inner glimpses of the caged soul of the other, and strives hard to conquer those old claims of the selfish personality and even to help the other to awaken to that which is holding him or her back from what their soul is seeking. To such human love is gradually lifted up into divine love, and while the other, if anything, is more greatly loved than ever, despite all weaknesses, yet it is with a love that unites with that of the Higher Self of the other, as it were, in a great yearning to bring the other consciously into a true understanding of the purpose of their coming together and consequently into the same joy of the Lord that the knowing one feels.

Some of you are beginning to see that as a disciple of Jesus Christ the only thing now to do is to face this task that is closest to you, whether it is with husband, wife, child, parent or other relation of a family, friendship or business nature, and to take it out of the hands of the personal self and to give it over wholly to the Loving One within, determined to let Him inspire and direct every thought, word and act from this time on. For you now realize what a mess you have made of it, and that He and His Love alone can bring to you and to the other the understanding, the consideration for others, and the self-control that will unfold and broaden your souls and enable you to learn the lessons that you had to come together to teach each other, and thus to help your Higher Selves to bring about that oneness of consciousness that must be in serving Christ. The principal aim of this Work is to bring awakened souls to Christ. Naturally such souls cannot find and enter the Kingdom with such a task unfinished. You will keenly realize this later-if not now. Therefore, it is necessary to get busy. With the Master's help many of the mistakes of the past can be quickly undone and remedied by those who truly seek to bring every department of their life into harmony with His Life.

Try to realize what a wondrous thing it would be if your husband or wife were working side by side with you in the Master's Cause, each of you equally in earnest and determined to find the Kingdom-you who think this now improbable, if not utterly impossible.