Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter VI If Ye Abide in Me!

Chapter VI If Ye Abide in Me!
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


There is no finer "occult" training for man or woman than what we now suggest-if faithfully practiced until you are master of all those thoughts and emotions which formerly played such havoc in your life.

Each morning after awakening and when in full possession of your faculties, prepare yourself by an earnest saying of the Lord's prayer, in which you seek to put your soul's desire. Then try to "see" yourself actually doing the day's work that lies ahead of you in some such way as the following:

First, try to realize who you are-a Son of God, in truth very God, Himself-for you know that the mind in you is His Mind-that your life, your will, your intelligence, your power to say or do anything are not yours but God's. Try to realize this Life or Power or Mind in you that is God as motivating and using you all through the day. But see clearly that the only way to KNOW it is God is to let LOVE thus use you. If you let LOVE rule and motivate every thought, word and act you will know it is God before you go very far, for a mystical assurance will come from the results that manifest which will absolutely convince you.

Then "see" yourself rising from your bed in this consciousness, bathing, dressing and meeting the family in it, talking to them in it and to all whom you contact during the day, ever feeling that tender, wonderful Love in your heart inspiring and directing your every conscious act. Try to feel yourself resting in, merging into, becoming that Love, so that you see only through Its eyes, hear only with Its ears, and know thereby that Love is the essence, the substance, the animating cause and purpose of all being and expression.

Seeing or imagining in this way, motivated by an intense desire to have what is imagined become a manifest reality, is an explanation of the success of all so-called "demonstrations." Realizing this you are now ready to rise and actually do what you have just visioned yourself doing. And with a silent prayer to the Loving One within-your God-self, begin your day's activities.

The proof of your "seeing" will quickly evidence itself. According to the clearness with which you previously imagined the details of your actions and of your contacts with others, will you have prepared and fortified yourself for the tests you will meet. For there will be many tests, or rather opportunities to utilize and grow accustomed to this new consciousness-this Love to which you have given yourself.

So if you are greeted with words that irritate or hurt from the first of your dear ones whom you meet this morning, don't be discouraged if momentarily you are pulled from that Love consciousness and you retort in the old way. That is to show you what it means when you decide to abide in that consciousness, and that you have to be keenly on the alert every moment if you would not slip away from it again.

And there will be many slips, perhaps, the first day, and the next, and the next. But that is natural and to be expected, for the Love consciousness is to be won only by acquiring true spiritual strength and thus keeping the self wholly under control. For it is the self that becomes irritated or impatient, or is hurt or grows angry, and thus tries to retain its domination over your mind and to continue its selfish life in you.

But you have determined that this shall not be, and so if you persist and prove to self that you are now the master, it will gradually fall in line and begin to obey and serve you. And you who have now learned to abide and work in Love will discover that you are connected with a strength and a power and likewise with a great wisdom which, whenever there is need, you have only to call upon,| and all things will be made known to you or done for you-even the subduing of the self and getting it to recognize the Divine Power which you are.

So our final word in this connection is-do not become discouraged or feel remorse, or ever allow your mind to brood over any seeming failures, for they are only temporary and are really necessary-to show you what you still lack and what must be persisted in until you conquer. Besides it is not you who grow discouraged or feel remorse-it is only your human mind, which still thinks itself separate from you and is therefore still more or less dominated by the self it has created. You-the Real You- are Love-are the God-self, who knows no weakness, no lack or limitation of any kind.