Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter V I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Chapter V I Am the Resurrection and the Life
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

So can you not see that what alone will prevent will be the lower animal-self prevailing upon the mind with such specious arguments as: it will be too hard work, will take too much of your time, and you know you are not ready for it anyway. For those minds which listen to and heed such temptations, it were indeed best that they drop out. But for those who set their teeth together, when hearing and recognizing such testings, and grow all the more determined to embrace this opportunity and never to turn back, a "reward past all telling" awaits-"the power to save and bless humanity."

All such we now ask to turn to the last article in the booklet Brotherhood, entitled "The Kingdom of Heaven," and to read and study it thoroughly during the month until you fully understand the different realms of consciousness through which it is necessary to pass on our journey within the "heart" to the Kingdom. This understanding is vitally necessary in order that all may become well acquainted intellectually with the inner planes of being, so that when you enter them consciously or in dreams or visions you will comprehend the significance of all that you see, and it will not be as if entering a strange country.


Would you heal yourself quickly and perfectly of every inharmony of body, mind and affairs? Then follow faithfully and continuously the suggestions given below, and such health and harmony will be yours:

Realize that it is actually God-I AM-Who is living in this body you call your body, Who is walking around in it, doing in it what you do, and causing your brain mind to think and your mouth to say what you think and say. For have you any life, any power, any mind, any intelligence of your own apart from His life, His will, His mind?

Think! Are you anything at all but that He is in what you call you? Is He not all that there is of you and in you? For you know he is All in all!

Grasp the full significance of this great truth, and it will enable you with our help to see and be that which we have said already you ARE-whole and perfect as all expressions of God are whole and perfect.

We have just shown you a very wonderful truth. But what are you going to do with it? Many truths have you "learned" with your brain mind in the past-but of what use are they to you? In fact your brain mind is stuffed with such truths and you are soul-sick because seemingly you cannot make any practical use of them-as can the few exceptional souls that you know who have used them. Above we said if you would grasp the full significance of what had been told, with our help you could see and be that which you already are. For without help seemingly you will do nothing.

Therefore, we tell you to realize this very moment that it is not you, but God, living in your body. Stop! Hold your mind to that one thought-hold it to the exclusion of every other thing; for it is the one great reality of your being. Hold it until it fills your consciousness- until it is your consciousness.

Every movement that you make, realize that He is doing it. Every word that you speak, let Him say it. Every thought that comes, let Him handle it, point out its meaning and purpose, and direct its use.

Just know that God and God alone will do all-Is doing all; He must be doing it-for He is ALL in ALL-there is no one else.

Hold to that! Do not let any of the old thoughts-those of self and separateness approach. Hold fast to the truth-no matter what comes. Hold to it. Be faithful-let there be no slightest wavering.

Just know that He is doing it-that He is the "I" of you- the only "I"-the only self. Let go of your mind-of your self, of all sense of responsibility-and just rest in the consciousness that He is doing it all-that His Love which is His Life must express Him, must be I Am in you. We have told you now how. We have given you the help promised. That is all we can do. You must do the rest-you must now use this knowledge SO freely given-if you would be free.

All that your soul is seeking awaits your accepting and using. Oh, dear one, we have led you back to your Father's house-back to God. Awake! Open your eyes! See! Know! Act!-Now!!

All who practice faithfully the above suggestions will receive a blessing beyond their present comprehension and for which they will be so grateful that they will want all their friends who are ready to enjoy the same blessing. For therein is shown the way to the highest and therefore the most effective Spiritual Healing.

This will help also. Go about your daily work imagining- actually feeling God's life in you, freeing you, vitalizing you, permeating to the center of every cell and atom of your body, driving out all former separative consciousness- as light drives out darkness-and then possessing- being you, and expressing and radiating from you as health, vitality, power, love. See this-feel it actually taking place. Go about in that consciousness.

If there is pain, inharmony, or disease in any part of the body, just know that God's life, His consciousness, His love is there-not what you had previously thought was there. Just know this truth-and watch the pain, inharmony or disease disappear.