Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter V I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Chapter V I Am the Resurrection and the Life
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


ALL nature is feeling the approach of a new Easter day, the day of Resurrection-a commemoration of the rising from the tomb of our dear Lord and Master, Christ Jesus, and a promise of that annual rebirth or coming back into manifestation of the life that was dead and buried in the dark and cold of Winter-that ever-recurring and necessary period when the soul of things retires deep within to its source for rest and assimilation and a renewal of power for additional experience.

We ask you to realize with us that all humanity is a part of nature-is as much a part as are the trees, the flowers, the grass and the fruit of the vegetable kingdom; and while seemingly we do not die yearly and give up our bodies- our outer vestments-as do many of the members of that kingdom, yet in reality, in the indrawing of the life so evident there, man, being a part of nature, mast be similarly affected and at least in his feeling or emotional nature, must in very truth enter the dark, cold, dreary state of Winter along with all that of which he is a part, and his soul together with the universal soul go back to its heavenly home and there renew and restore itself with the life of God and prepare to come forth with greater vigor and intention to express that life.

All can see that life out-breathes itself during the Spring season, fills all nature full of itself in the fruitage and harvest season, and then begins to in-draw itself during the Fall, until in the cold and bleakness of Winter it is wholly invisible and un-manifest.

Why should man not be as much affected by this outbreathing and in-breathing as any other part of nature; and if he is unconscious of such change going on within himself, is it not because it is so common and natural a change that his attention has never been called to it? Perhaps this will account for the discouragement, the depression, the despair, the seeming uselessness of living, experienced by so many sensitive ones during the Winter months; and it may cause all who read to take a deeper interest in that mysterious life working in their bodies, preparing to unfold itself in the springtime into a new and higher phase of expression.

Perhaps it will blossom forth-in unison with the flowers of the fields and the Easter lilies, the songs of mating birds and the joy of all nature at being able to express life freely once more-in some of those who feel the thrill of life's renewal-its rebirth within themselves.

Perhaps one here and there may even unfold the wondrous life of the Master within, having been called and chosen by Him and quickened so that the inner world will become as the outer, and that may see as He sees and know as He knows.

For at each Spring Equinox all candidates for initiation into the Higher Consciousness are brought to their Spiritual Teachers who await to see if they are prepared to enter upon the Easter Feast of Realization, and to take their places in the Hall of Learning, that wonderful palace of Truth within the ethereal realms where all followers of Christ are bidden to come and all are helped to enter by their Teachers.

This being the renewing and restoring period life pushes itself forth into larger moulds for wider expression, naturally gives opportunity for all those who have cooperated with it and who seek no longer to interfere. Such are approaching discipleship, and at Easter time may blossom forth, even as the pure white Easter lilies, fitting symbols of those who have attained their full growth. While we are dealing with and helping to prepare disciples for this great ordeal, do not forget that all, is leading up to that far greater initiation-"the Crucifixion" of the lower nature-the death of the self in preparation for its resurrection from the tomb matter as the glorified Christ- Self.

Try to realize fully that this life that all nature is feeling so big within itself is the life of God-that which Is and grows all things that have form and life; and there is nothing really dead, for that which is cannot but be alive. And this life of God in manifestation is actually His Love, which is both the cause and reason of all being. And His Love as we know is His Holy Spirit-His beloved Son-the Christ, sent into the world to redeem it and to lift it once more back into Oneness with His Consciousness.

Therefore the yearly crucifixion and resurrection we see and feel in nature are but to recall to us and definitely to show us what our great Exemplar and Master taught by His Life and words-that if we would follow Him we must go through the same crucifixion of self to win the resurrection of Christ-must express in our life the fullness of His life within us, which is the life of God, our Father, unfolding us to the same fruitage He manifested in Jesus.