Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter IV I Am the Door

Chapter IV I Am the Door
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


In the appendix is a Prayer or Invocation for the assisting of Aspirants to enter into the consciousness of the Higher Self-the Christ within. Try to realize in voicing this Prayer that in that consciousness the Father can actually be known in Spirit, as well as can our blessed Master, Christ Jesus, and all of our other Brothers in Christ. For in that consciousness, which is truly the Father's Consciousness- His Kingdom, all are One-there is no separation.

The only way into the consciousness of the Higher Self- the Christ within-is through the door of the heart. By opening wide our hearts we let out our Father's love, which quickens and spiritualizes our minds, and enables us to feel and recognize His Presence within as our Christ-Self; when His love actually becomes our love, enabling us to see with His eyes and to know with His understanding what He wishes us to know.

We then have the right to ask Him to cleanse us of all consciousness of the separate self, so that our Christ-Self may live His life in us, do His will in us, and be in very truth His self in us.

And when we go about thereafter in His consciousness, He can give us of His wisdom to light and direct our way, so that we may make no more missteps; may be empowered by His will to abide in the consciousness of His ever Presence, so that His Words may abide in us; and may feel His dear Love always within and active in our hearts, so that our Spiritual eyes may remain open and we may see His beloved Self looking from out the eyes of every soul we meet.

Let everyone seek to get the full meaning of the above, so that this Prayer may be to you all that is intended. Make no mistake, it will surely repay the effort made to comprehend fully what you are asking. For it is the soul prayer of every true Disciple of Christ. Once it has become your soul's longing, do not enter the inner realms at night in sleep without repeating it in deep earnestness, no more than you start the day without similarly repeating the Lord's Prayer.


We will now suggest an application of the power of concentration gained by the exercises given in the two Meditations, which will be found in the appendix. Read carefully the first part of the small Meditation, trying to get the full meaning of what is stated about the consciousness of the One Mind circulating freely to every center of that Mind. Then try to realize that every cell in every organ or in any part of the body is a center of consciousness of that Mind, and therefore is a center for the expression of the One Life-God's Life; that Life, being God's Life, will grow and heal and make perfect any expression of Itself-that it will naturally and automatically do this, because It knows no disease-it knows only Life. This it does in the bodies of men, animals, vegetation and even minerals, as almost everyone knows. That is why, when there is a cut, a bruise, or an injury of any kind to any one of these bodies, that Life immediately begins to repair, restore and heal-if left alone and if not interfered with by the human mind with its fears, anxieties and misbeliefs- and will quickly make it whole as before.

It stands to reason that It should do this in any part of the human body-where alone It is ever interfered with-if the brain mind which controls the consciousness of the cells there fully co-operates with this Life, by simply knowing Its power and impressing upon the consciousness of the cells the same knowing-instead of the usual fears and states of panic when a serious injury occurs or a disease is discovered.

The practical way of proving this is-first to know the truth just stated. Then to "see" or visualize this Life, directed by your will, pushing right through the darkness of the consciousness of the cells of the injured or diseased part- for remember, your consciousness, when it knows truth as God knows it, is His Consciousness; and wherever His Consciousness is, His Life must be and operate-bringing Light and Life and once more Oneness of consciousness and therefore of health, harmony and wholeness to these cells, driving out all darkness of ignorance, misconception and wrong thinking that may have been instilled there by your human beliefs, and starting nature's healing processes immediately to work again.

For you must realize that this Life is Spirit-is purest Light and Love; and being the inner essence of all Life, it instantly penetrates to the center of all consciousness- easily into the darkness of the consciousness of cells created by human misconceptions of what is life-when directed by the will of one who knows the truth above stated, and quickly dispels all sense of pain, inharmony or disease-aye, just as easily as carrying a bright light into a dark room causes the darkness instantly to disappear. Read the above over many times, each time trying to get its full meaning before trying to prove it. Then do not attempt to prove it until urged by a Loving Power within to respond to a call for help from one who suffers. Then with a prayer for that Power to come forth and use you as It wills to drive out the darkness from the suffering one, obey whatever you are led to say and to do.

This brings up the question of when is it legitimate to use this healing knowledge and the power it gives. Do you think that you are wise enough to know what another soul needs, or if its Higher Self wants you to heal it of a disease brought upon it as a result of disobedience or of breaking a definite law? Of course, few are wise enough for that. Then until you are, it were best not to attempt to use this knowledge and power only under certain well-defined conditions-which we will make clear.

Above we plainly state that one should not attempt to prove it "until urged by a Loving Power within in response to a call for help from one who suffers." That means that one must know when that Loving Power speaks-that one must become thoroughly acquainted with It, and learn to work with and for It.

You can now see why we are trying to help you get acquainted with that Power-the Loving Christ within; so that you can let Him come forth and use you as He wills "to drive out the darkness from the minds of the suffering ones," by bringing to them the Light of His knowing from within themselves.

When you are fully conscious that He knows all, and therefore deep within is watching over, caring for, and in complete charge of all, you will leave it all in His hands in supremest confidence, always ready however to fly at His command to do what He wishes you to do, knowing that as He starts the healing current through you there can be only one result and then probably you will be given actually to see it manifest.