Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter IV I Am the Door

Chapter IV I Am the Door
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

WE HAVE shown the three stages reached by those whose feet are definitely set upon the Path that leads back to the Father's House-the stages of the Aspirant, the Disciple on Probation, and the Accepted Disciple. We have tried to show each traveler the stage he or she has attained, so that they may understand the meaning and purpose of the experiences through which they are now passing, and also of those which await in the stages ahead.

All who have accompanied us thus far and who have earnestly studied and meditated upon all that has been said cannot fail to realize that this is a mental journey we are traveling, and that we are headed inward-for is not the Kingdom of Heaven within us? Also all such are beginning to see why we have been so insistent upon those accompanying us taking the suggested daily exercises in meditation and mind control. For it will be utterly impossible to continue with us until the mental faculties have been trained along the lines indicated, so that they will obey you and permit you to direct and use them to any desired end.

This journey, naturally being an inward one, will lead us deep within the mind, or rather within the consciousness that fills and really is what is called mind. But do not become concerned about it yet-those of you who have not made much progress in thought-control, for we are only trying to prepare you-to get you to understand what is necessary, and that it is not at all a difficult journey-when you are properly equipped for it. You are already provided with the required equipment,-you have all your mental faculties, you have an earnest desire to go, a will awaiting your command to direct and put the faculties to work, and plain and simple exercises that you are asked to follow. Therefore, if you are really in earnest in the seeking of the Kingdom is FIRST in your heart and mind-why not get busy now, and let nothing interfere with your gaining perfect control of your mental faculties and thus becoming fully equipped for this all-important journey.

Under the subject of Meditation it was stated, "All must learn that to be of real service to the Master within, they must first be able to hear His Voice when He speaks, and that cannot be until they have learned to become quiet and to turn their thoughts within, for the definite purpose of finding and getting acquainted with Him."

Many think it most difficult and vouchsafed only to the favored few to hear the Voice of the Master-the Higher Self, but when we say that practically everyone who reads these words hears His Voice many times a day and is being guided and directed by Him almost all the time, you will see that it really only needs that you get better acquainted with Him to enable you to know when He speaks, and to permit you to work with Him and to follow where He directs. It is our wish and aim to make you so well acquainted with Him that you may always know when He speaks, and when it is the voice of self that you hear. First, try to recall the times during the day when you see yourself doing something foolish or wrong-not what you would have done had you first taken counsel with yourself; or when you find yourself saying something that hurts another, that arouses anger, or that is not true, which you would not have said had you exercised control of yourself. You will note, if you read again the preceding sentence carefully, that you see yourself doing and saying things. We will repeat it in a little different form-to see if you can learn why: "You see your self doing something foolish or wrong-not what it would have done had it first taken counsel with you; or you find your self saying something that hurts another, that arouses anger, or that is not true, which would not have been said had you exercised control of that self."

Here apparently are two selves-at first they may seem to be one-yet a careful reading discloses a distinct difference; there is one that sees and knows, and another that is seen and does not know; one that can control the other, yet at times lets the other have its own way- evidently for a purpose.

By studying the activities of your mind and the tendencies of your nature you will discover that there is a part of you that is willful and wholly selfish and which, if not restrained, gets you into much trouble; also that there is another part-one that is all mind, which knows all about and can restrain the other part-the emotional side of your nature, when it wills to do so, but which it seldom does, until it has learned by experience the wisdom of so doing. Now this part-the mind that learns by experience-more and more becomes conscious of a quiet Voice within pointing out the lessons of such experiences and continually suggesting, cautioning, chiding, denying, accusing, shaming, and gradually getting the mind to listen to and it. This continues every day for years, until mind is taught much knowledge-especially the results of listening and obeying.

If you can now see this part-your mind that is learning to listen and obey and also learning to restrain and control the other part, the animal and selfish side of your nature-as the Disciple, the John Smith part of you; and the Voice speaking from within the depths of the soul as that of the Master, the Real You-the Spirit of God, the Christ-Self of you,-you will begin to glimpse a great but a very simple truth. Pause here and try to get the full significance of what has been stated in the last five paragraphs.

Again, at times you find yourself sitting back-outside of your human self as it were-viewing the John Smith part of you in all its petty meanness and selfishness-its shortcomings, faults and weaknesses, pointing them out to your mind so that it sees them clearly through your eyes and becomes heartily sick and ashamed of itself for permitting such things to be, and determines definitely to overcome and eliminate all such from your nature for the good of all concerned.

Please note carefully that in this case your consciousness was back with that of the Master-that it was practically one with His consciousness, and you were seeing with His eyes and with His understanding. In fact the Disciple was temporarily in the consciousness of the Master-showing how simple a matter it is for the loving and obedient Disciple to enter actually into the Master's Consciousness. We have given you these two proofs that it is not difficult to hear the Voice of the Master and that a Disciple hears it many times a day. Indeed that which thinks, which decides, which directs you as a Disciple in every activity of mind, speech or body, is the Master-is You, the Christ of you- the one and only Self, telling your brain mind what You want it, your instrument, to think, say or do. You who are living in this body, built it with its physical brain and five senses for Your use, and are now teaching, training and fitting its brain and mind so that it will be fully conscious of You and will acknowledge You as its Master and will lovingly and obediently compel its body likewise to wait upon and serve only You.

We know that many will find it difficult to follow closely the thought of the above, but we earnestly urge that you stay with it, meditating upon its every word, until the meaning becomes clear, and you will surely be rewarded by the consciousness of having made a great truth your very own for all time; and it will unfailingly help you later to enter the Consciousness of the Master at will.

But let no one think one may enter this Consciousness when anything of self, desiring it for the use of self, is in evidence. For as we have so definitely shown, no one can get very far on this journey to the Kingdom when self and personality are prominent; and this Consciousness comes only to one who has dedicated and is requiring self to serve the Loving One within. In fact, it is only such who ever become His Disciple.

By this time you will have realized that these words are especially written for Disciples and that they only can fully understand and appreciate the value of what is stated. This does not mean, however, that those to whom it has a strong appeal, but who feel that they are not yet worthy to be Disciples, are not receiving the benefit intended. For in very truth such are potential Disciples, and these words that make such strong appeal will quicken the soul and accomplish just the expansion of consciousness necessary to permit the Master within to make His presence more definitely felt.