Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter III I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

Chapter III I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


For this purpose alone are the definite exercises given you in the Meditation No. 2, which will be found in the appendix. They are for the use of those only who are no longer seeking anything for self, but that they may fit themselves perfectly for the Master's use. Such are candidates for Discipleship, and such are always provided with the help necessary. Should the powers gained be used selfishly, those so misusing them will learn through sorrow and much suffering that the Light within has become obscured and spiritual darkness hides the way. Let all heed these words.

In trying to grasp the wonderful meaning of your being a center of God's Consciousness, "see" yourself as an idea in His Mind, that idea being your Christ-Self-His beloved Son-formed in the Father's image and likeness. The Real You is such an idea, a loved concept of your Father's Mind, and therefore it is ever within that Mind and is always open to receive or perceive everything else in that Mind.

If you can "see" the Sun as the outer symbol to your human mind of your Father in Heaven, and can realize It as the Source of all Life, Power and Light, it will help you to glimpse that Great Mind within you; for your human mind is a center of that Mind, which radiates to every Center of Itself everything that It is, even as the sun shines and provides all life, power and light to all in its universe.

Ponder and marvel over this wondrous Truth. This will help you to see yourself as a center of Light, Love and Power, always receiving from the Eternal Source within you the radiant God qualities which they symbolize to your human mind. This being true, all that you need to do is to KNOW this, and by so knowing you actually connect up your consciousness with your Father's Consciousness, and thus let any quality you can clearly visualize pour into you and shine; for where God's qualities are they will shine forth and express themselves.

Remember, these instructions are for those who wish to fit themselves for self-less service under the direction of the Christ within. While we call them instructions, yet they are in reality only suggestions that will call forth the actual instructions and guidance from the One within Who is the only authority and teacher for you. He will either approve and amplify or modify what is suggested, or will restrain you until He intends you to follow them, or others better adapted for you.

By that time, with the training received in hearing and knowing His Voice, you will know that He alone is your Teacher, and that He can teach you everything.


These articles are not intended or expected to be interesting or easy reading for the average mind. In fact they are not addressed to the mind, but to the soul. Of course, they will have to be received through the mind, but the student will find at first it may be a distinct effort to compel the mind to read carefully enough so that it can be shown the meaning hidden back of the words.

When the soul perceives this, it will become deeply interested and will search carefully for the intended meaning and will require the mind to concentrate upon the reading so that it likewise will understand.

This will be a good time to try to note the difference between the mind and the soul. Watch the reactions of the mind to what was stated above, while re-reading to catch its significance, then see if you can tell when the soul is leading and when the mind. This knowledge is necessary in order later to know when the Master speaks.

Later there will be given a clear definition and explanation of what is the soul and its relation to the mind. In the meantime and in order to prepare the mind so that it can understand, try to grasp as well as you can the distinction between the two and to become acquainted with your own soul.

Do not forget that this is inner work, and until you are able to follow us and do what is told you cannot get very far in your journey inward to the Kingdom.

Therefore study earnestly all that is said in each article. Every thought in them is chosen to assist you in finding the Master within, that He may help and guide you on your journey. Merely reading them over once or twice will get you nowhere. That, of course, will be the result if they make no appeal to you. If so, this Work is not for you. But if they do appeal, and they make you long to be worthy of all they hold forth as possible, you may be sure, if you faithfully do your part as suggested real joy of accomplishment awaits.

Consequently we cannot stress too strongly the importance of reading an article at least once every during the month, preferably just before your meditation hour. If you do this, earnestly seeking the full Truth of each thought expressed, new meanings will unfold with every reading, and often actual illumination will result.

For you are seeking the greatest goal possible for soul, and all the Brothers of the Kingdom are lovingly waiting to help and to send you all the it needed-when it is earnestly sought-to quicken mind and heart so that you can become one with Them in Their Christ consciousness and understanding.