Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter III I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

Chapter III I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

WE HAVE arrived at that place, in our pointing out what is to be met by a traveler on the path to the Kingdom, where the Voice of Love has become the recognized and accepted Guide.

If you will remember, the traveler has become a Disciple on Probation-the Prodigal is now on his way back to his Father's house. After a long period of trials and testing, he has proved that nothing can entice or stop him from his determination to reach the goal. Finally, there comes the supreme test-for this period; in some deep soul experience he is required to make a heart-rending choice, between a long cherished ideal and a plain duty, perhaps. And if duty wins, and it will win-if he turns in prayer for help to this sure Guide within-his Christ-Self, then he enters a new and brighter stage of the journey. For his dedication has proven to be a soul consecration-not merely one of the mind and the heart, and he is now accepted as and has become a real Disciple.

From this on he grows more and more conscious of definite guidance from within; the Voice speaks more clearly and insistently; the love in his heart becomes more pronounced and will not be denied. Gradually he learns, by centering his attention deep within, that there a wonderfully wise and loving Self exists, one that is ever ready to teach, help and strengthen, when asked; and the Voice there, which says with unmistakable authority-"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father but by Me" is the Voice of his Christ-Self, ever speaking from out the heart-when the mind is stilled so that it can be heard. Then it is that the Disciple begins definitely to realize that he is not his human mind with its concerns that has to be stilled and be made to listen, but that in some mystical yet natural way he is a part of and can actually enter into the consciousness of that Christ-Self within, and can at will command the mind to be still and can compel it to obey. And it dawns upon him that while in this consciousness He is the Master, but when without in the brain consciousness he is only the Disciple. And then he realizes that by opening his heart and letting Love pour out he can at will enter into and be that Love, and that in that Love consciousness He and Christ are One; that he is conscious, even as Christ Jesus was conscious, that He is the Way- the only Way, the only Truth and the only Life; that the brain mind is but the self consciousness which He is teaching, training and disciplining to be His perfect instrument of expression.

And the Disciple learns, as the brain mind lets go, stands aside and watches what happens, that all that is ever necessary, when the Disciple is called upon to teach or help anyone, is to open the mouth and begin to speak and the words are given him to say; or to start to do anything-no matter what-and a wise and loving power puts forth from within and enables him to do it. Likewise if he wishes to know anything, he needs only to ask and then to get quiet and absorb the wisdom that pours in and floods his consciousness.

Thus the brain mind slowly and surely is taught its part and place, which is to look up to, wait upon and serve You, abiding now in the consciousness of your Christ-Self. When in that consciousness, verily You are the Master, and the brain mind-that which is now reading these words and trying to understand them-has become the humble and loving Disciple, or hopes-longs to be such.

If you can conceive of what all this means, you can understand that gradually, as the Disciple-the human mind-more and more lets the Master work through him, the Master's Consciousness truly becomes his consciousness, so that the Master is actually living His life in him, doing His will in him, and being His Self in him. As a result of this the human mind as the Disciple is now in a position where the Master is able through it to do the Work He came here to do, and for which all these many years He has been fitting and perfecting the Disciple. They now work as one, in perfect harmony with all the other Brothers of the Kingdom, serving the Great Cause of Brotherhood under the leadership of our Supreme Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

We cannot point you further on the way, for this is as far as the human mind can enter in consciousness at this time. Read the above many times. Ponder and meditate over the words as they are written. Something very wonderful may result for you. If not now, you will at least know what awaits, if you faithfully follow with us and obey the suggestions given.

From the above you can learn that real Disciples may always be known by the work they are doing, by the unquestioned good accomplished, by their self-sacrificing service to humanity. They live only to serve-their every thought and interest is for others; for are they not now integral parts of that Great Brotherhood of Servers Who abide in Christ and obey only Him?

The Christ-Self-the Master within-thus is revealed to those who are worthy to know Him-and to become His Disciples. All others know Him but as a wondrously kind and helpful friend, who is ever seeking to do good to others, to anticipate their needs and to assist them in a loving way whenever and wherever possible.

Understanding all this, you will note that few as yet have become accepted and therefore are actual Disciples. A goodly number are Disciples on Probation. But there are many who are still Aspirants, but who, we hope from the quickening received by earnestly following the suggestions given in these pages, will in time consciously reach the Disciple stage. For this work is, and these articles are written principally, for Disciples. Those whose hearts felt and responded to the call, "Seek ye first the Kingdom," actually obeyed the command of their souls-no matter if their intellects reasoned them away later. All such are Disciples in their soul natures, and they remembered and tried to have their personalities also understand. Our part is fully to awaken such and to uncover to their brain minds what they in their souls inherently are, so that they may journey back to their Father's house-the Christ Consciousness- and learn there of the Work awaiting them as souls.

All those who definitely feel the appeal of these words, and deem such as possible for them, may know that they are destined for Discipleship in this life. May the souls of all who read and who before did not fully understand, be so inspired by the truth herein revealed that the Blessed One- the Master within-may this very hour call them forth to follow and serve Him the rest of their days.