Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter II The Light Which Lighteth Every Man

Chapter II The Light Which Lighteth Every Man
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


With many meditation seems to be quite a problem. Some deem it a task and approach it with hesitancy and some reluctance, because of strain in previous attempts, or of not getting any apparent results.

Others think they cannot find the time for regular meditation. It is not so difficult to find the time; meditation can be made part of a well ordered life as easily as can any other factor. System, that manifestation of the harmony and rhythm of the universe in the affairs of men, will provide the time and the way, if given the opportunity by your earnestly desiring it.

True meditation is the simplest and most natural thing in the world, because it is but a retiring into the quiet of the soul, a letting go in the mind of all outer things and relapsing into a peace and a rest in which the Spirit can come forth and speak to the mind. If you only know it, many times a day do you meditate-when your mind dwells upon things in which the personal self is interested. When that part of you is really concerned about a thing, your mind automatically obeys and dwells upon and ponders over that thing until its interest is appeased (worrying, being anxious, grieving, and such are all negative, unconscious meditation).

Thus you can see that meditation is natural and in no way difficult. It only appears difficult because the human mind, which has been accustomed to having its own way and to thinking of only the personal things in which it is interested, rebels against restraint, particularly when required to think of impersonal and abstract things that you are interested in and wish light upon (purposeful thinking is positive and conscious meditation). We will try to indicate more clearly what we mean.

In "The Impersonal Life" you are shown that it is really God who is living in your body and is your Real Self, and that you are of no importance whatsoever, either to yourself or to the world at large, until you recognize this great truth in a more or less conscious and intelligent way. This of course is not easy to grasp by a mind that considers you and itself separate and apart from God.

Now consider that the life that grew you and is living you is the same life that is growing the grass, the flowers, the trees, the animals and all humanity, and is so wise and powerful a life that despite every obstacle it develops all to the maturity of that which it is their destiny to be. Did you or anyone of these others have any conscious part in the direction of or actual process of such growing? You know that you did not, and you know that this life and intelligence and will doing it all is God-Who is All and all.

Now try to realize that this life that is growing you, this mind that is intelligently directing all, and this will whose power is accomplishing all, is actually God and cannot be you or anyone else. Try to perceive the great truth of this by imagining how it must be.

To do this you must lift your mind away from this page and meditate upon what has been stated, and if you are greatly interested, you will find your attention fixed upon this life within you, imagining it as God living in your body, a very wise and loving Consciousness filling and possessing it, moving it and causing it to do what He wants it to do. And it will gradually dawn upon you that the part of you that is considering all this is only your mind, and then in a wondrously illuminating way it may flash into your consciousness that therefore you are not at all what you before thought was the you living in your body, but that it is a much bigger and more wonderful you-that it is God! that God is the Real You!! and that the other you is but a part of His Mind-a center of His Consciousness that before had thought itself separate from Him.

If you have truly followed this and actually caused your mind to consider and do everything suggested, some illumination must have resulted, for the God of you would surely respond to a heart earnestly desiring to know Him. The above would be real meditation, and real inner work, as you will by this time have realized.

All meditation is nothing more nor less than a pondering over or reflecting upon any subject to which you direct your mind's attention. The reason we urge the use of meditation is two-fold: that you can cultivate the power and ability to require your mind to consider thoroughly any subject you wish it to understand fully, realizing that as you hold the subject firmly before your mind's eye, light will pour in, enabling you to see it from many angles. Also that your mind may gradually learn who you are-learn of your inner self-and that it, the mind, is your child, your instrument that you are teaching, training and disciplining so that it will serve you selflessly and efficiently. Until you have disciplined your mind, you cannot control your thoughts, and as by being able to control your thoughts you can control your emotions, you can then bring your body into harmony; for its health is largely controlled by the emotions or feelings harbored in the heart. When you become more or less master of your mind and dedicate it to the service of the Christ-your God-Self, your real work begins; for all such earnest ones are accepted and put to that work for they have been fitted and prepared.

But not until the mind is thoroughly under control can real work be given. Real work awaits, but it will be mental work-in the Silence and at night, when the brain minds of those who seek and need help are still, so their souls can hear and accept. Such Real Work will be given when you are ready.


Wherever it is possible we urge that groups be formed for study and service, for our Master has promised "Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them."

Aspirants who put service first, and in whom the personality has been submerged, always accomplish more and unfold more rapidly while working and studying in a group, for there they quickly become aware of the one Power and Presence and individually feel the results in their daily meditation and work.

It is suggested that all who feel so led watch for others of their acquaintance who they think may be ready for these teachings-those who are not seeking for self, but who are longing to serve the Master within in some definite way. The first lesson, "Seek Ye First the Kingdom," will be sent to any of such, if their names are forwarded to the publisher.

In groups real ways of service will open up to all in due season-when the unfoldment awaiting is able to manifest. This does not imply that only in groups can one unfold in consciousness so that the Master can accomplish His Will through you, but only that in them He can make known His Presence more easily as He indicates above.

Many are so situated that meeting with others regularly is difficult and often impossible. Such will be shown that their present opportunity for service is in the very condition where they are now placed, but all such should be just that much more faithful in their regular communion with Him through meditation.