Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter I Seek Ye First the Kingdom

Chapter I Seek Ye First the Kingdom
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


Daily meditation is the first and most important requisite of the Aspirant. No real progress can be made without it. To help prepare and start you on the right kind of meditation, study carefully and use often the Meditation No. 1, to be found in the appendix. In it is condensed the essence of Jesus' teaching, and there is nothing that will help you more to find the Loving Christ and His Kingdom within than its illuminating words.

This Work has in it no place for laggards or for the mentally lazy. It is only for those who are imbued with an unquenchable determination and a fiery zeal to find the Master and the Kingdom.

Many think they can contrive no regular time to meditate, but in bed after retiring or early in the morning are times always available if really sought, and are often most satisfactory. There will be no danger of falling asleep when the mind learns to obey you. Again, while doing simple tasks around the home or in the office or factory, real meditation can be done and most profitably. It is really possible at such times, as you will find, to "be in the world but not of it," for you can go in thought wherever you will, while your hands are busy at their regular work. Instead of worrying about it, simply put it up to the Higher Self, stating that you earnestly desire the time and opportunity to do regular meditating, and if He sees you really mean it and want it, you will find it will be arranged for you in a most natural manner-if you leave it in His hands and trust it all to Him.

Therefore rouse yourself to action. The Kingdom is not for those who still crave for or are held by the allurements of the world, the flesh, or the devil-self. The time has come when all such must be left behind, if you would lift your heart and mind to Christ. When you have found-earned- Him, then you will join with the other Brothers of the Kingdom in helping those who will be sent to you also to find Him and THE BROTHERHOOD, of which you will then be a conscious integral part.

While meditating, an effort should always be made in the I AM consciousness to command the forces of the mind, the emotions, and the physical senses to be still and know that You-the God of you-speaks and must be obeyed. Eventually, after persistent effort, you will realize that you are that Consciousness, and that these forces are listening to and obeying you. Then, in that Consciousness, you can continue speaking as in "The Impersonal Life," and your mind will receive and accept what comes as from the God of you, and you will know Who you are.