Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter I Seek Ye First the Kingdom

Chapter I Seek Ye First the Kingdom
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics


By the foregoing you will perceive that this must be an inner work and, of necessity, an individual work; for no one can do it for you or can help you, other than to point out the way and explain the experiences through which you pass- if you cannot get their meaning direct. For remember, there is always One who is ready and waiting to explain and teach you all things-your own Higher Self, the I AM, the Christ of you, dwelling within your heart, in the Kingdom there.

We take it that all of you who read and are deeply interested are more or less acquainted with His Presence within you. If not, as we are going to speak much of Him from now on, we urge that you begin to learn to know Him intimately, if you wish fully to appreciate and profit by what is contained in these lessons. To that end we suggest a careful study of "The Impersonal Life," for the consciousness from which its words were written is His Consciousness, which is also in you-is the Light which lighteth you, and from which consciousness each one of you may speak and teach your own self.

As a part of our work we purpose to bring out the inner meaning of certain teachings already given. All must admit that enough teachings have been given and are available to all who are ready for them. Comparatively few, however, are able to get more than an intellectual understanding of them as yet. It is only by opening up the inner meaning to the mind that the Spirit within is quickened.

All earnest ones, as they grow and unfold spiritually, through study and meditation, will receive guidance and instruction from their Higher Self in symbolic dreams and visions. They should keep a diary of such, writing down every spiritual experience, as they will prove of great value to the one receiving them when correctly interpreted. They will, in fact, aid in determining the stage on The Path of the soul to whom they are given. Assistance in the interpretation of such experiences will be gladly given on request.


This being an Inner Work, no outer organization is necessary. As individuals come into the enlightenment that awaits, they will naturally enter into the realization of who they are and of what they are a part. That realization will show them that they are in very fact disciples of the Master, and that Master is even Christ, the Higher Self of them and of their brothers, and they will know that they are an integral part of the GREAT BROTHERHOOD of the Spirit of which He is the Supreme Head and Life. This finding and knowing the real Brotherhood of the Spirit that exists within and back of the personalities of their fellows is finding the Christ in His Kingdom, and this realization will prove to be a Haven of Refuge in which, while abiding in it, no outer force or circumstance can reach or affect them. Only when in this Haven can one know and be sure of the Master's Voice and can be led, taught, guarded and cared for by Him when necessary.

Our part is to help quicken all truly earnest ones into finding and entering this Haven of Refuge-the actual consciousness of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and to enlist them in His Service. This will link and bind them in Spirit, making them one in Christ. The only outer linking will be after the inner pattern. Wherever possible, Aspirants will form naturally into Groups for meditation and service. Each Group will thus be a Chalice serving as a cup or reservoir into which will be poured all the Love and Wisdom of the Master and of THE GREAT BROTHERHOOD, and which will flow-as water flows through a faucet turned on-to each Aspirant for use in Service as they consciously connect up with THE BROTHERHOOD of which they are a part.

The quickening of our younger brothers is our sole purpose in this book, and the carrying of the Light of the Christ to all seekers wandering in the darkness of separation is our chief endeavor. But let none of us forget that we of ourselves can do nothing. Only as we give ourselves over wholly to the Father's will, being concerned only that we are letting Him lead and speak through us, permitting no thoughts to enter our minds that are not His thoughts, can we do His work as He intends it to be done.

Many have been expecting and longing to be given some real work, not realizing they have already been given it in the past; but because it was not something definite in the way of healing or helping others, and was instead a work of preparation, a learning to discipline and control the mind and the emotions so as to enable the Aspirant to enter the desire and mental planes of consciousness as master of self when necessary to go thence, they think they have accomplished nothing, and long for tasks for which they are not yet fitted.

It is all a part of the injunction, "Seek ye first the Kingdom, etc," for you cannot find the Kingdom until you are able to control those forces of your emotional and mental nature that heretofore had their way with you almost unopposed. If and when you are able to command, "Be Still, and know I AM," and be instantly obeyed on all planes of consciousness, then and then only will you be able to do the work that will be given you; for then only can you work in the Consciousness and with the Power of Christ-the Master within.

There is a real work-much real work to do, and never doubt, when you have once proven your ability to do it and to subject your self and your whole nature to the Master's will, and when they have become an impersonal instrument which He can use, you will be given so much to do that there will be little time left to think of self and its concerns.