Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — The Way to the Kingdom by Joseph Brenner - Chapter I Seek Ye First the Kingdom

Chapter I Seek Ye First the Kingdom
Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

From all this seeking, most students think that what was gained was merely some knowledge of life's realities. But the gaining of any Truth avails little unless the living of that Truth and the building of it into soul consciousness has become the supreme desire of the Aspirant. When such a desire has been awakened, the soul dedicates itself to living a life of Truth, or consecrates itself to God or Christ in fervent prayer and supplication, after which sooner or later the birth takes place.

At the time the Aspirant most likely will not be aware of what is happening, but he will soon realize an increase of inspiration; a coming in touch with others who will open up new and higher fields of study; a clearer grasping of essential truths, and a discarding of the unimportant; and he will realize God and Christ in some intangible way as being much closer, more real, more approachable and loving. For They have in very truth heard his supplication, have accepted his dedication, and are taking him at his word. He has now deliberately consecrated himself to the Higher Life and has set his feet definitely on the Path. The finding of the Kingdom has become the goal, even if he may not be fully conscious of it in his brain mind.

After this new birth, this dedication, the Aspirant enters the second stage of the journey-he now becomes a Disciple on probation. In other words, he is given his chance to prove whether he is worthy and qualified to enter the Kingdom.


As our goal is the finding of the Kingdom, the aim and purpose of those back of this Work is to help and encourage all earnest seekers by providing the necessary instructions for self-discipline and training that will enable them to attain spiritual enlightenment individually. The Master within the heart of each Aspirant has called him to come within and follow Him. To all who follow and obey, His Knowledge, Love and Power are ever available and will be given freely to those who no longer seek anything for self, but only to help and serve their fellow men. Spiritual enlightenment can be gained only upon the straight and narrow path that leads to the Kingdom. Therefore the seeking of the Kingdom must be made the first thing in your life; that sets your feet firmly upon the path. It is not impossible to find the Kingdom, no matter how long or how unsuccessfully you have sought in the past. All that it takes is earnest and determined effort under the guidance that will be given. But it must be the first and the supreme desire of your heart. No other desire can supersede it. You must want it more than any other thing in life. When that desire has become supreme, it will not be long, for all the Brothers in the Kingdom nearest you will be with you in your search, helping, inspiring, and strengthening you in every possible way.


We will try to give you a glimpse of what the Kingdom will mean to you when you find it-not what you will find there, but how you may know when you have found it. We all know that Jesus found it, for He tells of it with the authority of one who knows. We speak of Him as Jesus, the Christ. The Christ, or the Christos, is a title given to one who has reached a certain Spiritual unfoldment. It means "The Anointed One." We know from certain statements of Jesus that most of His teaching was done while in the Christ Consciousness. Whenever He used the words, "I am," in the peculiar way He did, such as, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me." "I am the vine," "I am the door," etc., we know it was not from the human mind that Jesus spoke, but from the Holy Spirit within Him, or from His Christ Consciousness. We are told that when Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan, the Holy Spirit descended upon Him as a dove and abode with Him.

All these experiences will come to every seeker of the Kingdom sooner or later. After the Christ-child born in the Aspirant is grown to maturity of Discipleship during the testing and proving period of the Probationary stage, and has come to the Jordan state (beyond which lies the "Promised Land") he is ready for baptism and to begin his lifework as an Accepted Disciple. Then will be given him the baptism of the Holy Spirit, during which the Spirit of God, which means God's Consciousness, will descend and enter in and abide with the Disciple. This Spirit is the Christos, and the Disciple becomes the "Anointed One." Jesus was the "first fruit" of them that slept.

Now the Christ Consciousness or the baptism of the Holy Spirit must come to all before they can enter the Kingdom. In fact, the Christ Consciousness gives the right of admission to the Kingdom, and is the Consciousness of everyone who abides in the Kingdom. And what is the nature of that Consciousness? It is Divine Love, which must be born in the heart of every seeker, must be nourished and thrive and grow until it becomes the very life of the Disciple. When in ripened maturity, after many given opportunities have proven that Love is the nature of his soul and is not of the mind only, the Disciple is permitted to enter into the joy of His Lord, the Christ, and to abide with Him in the Kingdom of His Father's Consciousness. All this may be beyond the present comprehension of some who read, but if something deep within impels you to seek out its real meaning, telling you that it is for you fully to know and to possess, then it is earnestly hoped you will obey, and nothing will be permitted to stop you until you have made His Consciousness your consciousness.