Exhumator Esoterics

Encyclopedia of Spiritual — Contemporary Mormonism : Latter-day Saints in modern America

Exhumator Esoterics
Exhumator Esoterics

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1820 Joseph Smith's first vision.

1827 Joseph Smith received gold plates at Hill Cumorah.

1830 The Book of Mormon published.
Joseph Smith organized "Church of Christ" in Fayette, New York.

1836 The Kirtland Ohio Temple dedicated.

1842 Articles of Faith published.
The Female Relief Society organized.

1844 Joseph Smith and brother Hyrum killed 
by a mob while in jail in Carthage, Illinois.

1846 The Nauvoo Temple dedicated.
Mormon pioneers left Nauvoo.

1847 Brigham Young became Church's second president.
The pioneers arrived in Great Salt Lake Valley.

1852 Plural marriage publicly announced.

1857 U.S. President James Buchanan ordered an army to Utah to put down a rebellion. 
Army arrived peacefully the next year,
staying until 1861.
The Mountain Meadows Massacre in southern Utah.

1862 Federal law defined plural marriage as criminal bigamy.

1877 Brigham Young died, age seventy-six. 
John Taylor became Church's third president in 1880.
The St. George (Utah) Temple dedicated.

1882 The Edmunds anti-polygamy bill, defining polygamous living as unlawful cohabitation, made law, 
disenfranchising those in polygamous marriages.

1884 The Logan (Utah) Temple dedicated.

1887 The Edmunds-Tucker Act became law, 
disincorporating the Church, 
dissolving the Perpetual Emigrating Fund, 
abolishing female suffrage, and confiscating Church property.
President John Taylor died "in exile," age seventy-eight,
succeeded in 1889 by Wilford Woodruff, fourth president.

1888 The Manti (Utah) Temple dedicated.

1890 President Wilford Woodruff issued the "Manifesto" discontinuing plural marriage. 
"Official Declaration-1" in the Doctrine and Covenants.

1893 The Salt Lake Temple dedicated.

1896 Utah entered U.S.A. as state.

1898 President Wilford Woodruff died, age ninety-one, succeeded by Lorenzo Snow, fifth president.

1901 President Lorenzo Snow died, age eighty-seven, succeeded by Joseph F. Smith, 
son of Hyrum Smith, sixth president.

1917 President Joseph F. Smith died, age eighty, succeeded by Heber J. Grant, seventh president.

1919 The Laia Hawaii Temple dedicated.

1923 The Alberta Temple in Cardston, Canada, dedicated.

1927 The Mesa Arizona Temple dedicated.

1929 The Mormon Tabernacle Choir began weekly network radio broadcasts.

1945 President Heber J. Grant died, age eighty-eight, succeeded by George Albert Smith, eighth president.

1951 President George Albert Smith died, age eighty-one, succeeded by David O. McKay, ninth president.
1954 Church announced Indian Student Placement Program.
1955 The Swiss Temple dedicated.
1956 The Los Angeles California Temple dedicated.
1958 The New Zealand Temple dedicated.
The London Temple dedicated.
1960 Harold B. Lee began correlation plans.
1961 First non-English speaking stake organized in The Hague,
Language Training Institute begun at Brigham Young University.
1962 First Spanish-speaking stake created in Mexico.
1964 LDS Pavilion opened at New York's World Fair.
Oakland California Temple dedicated.
1966 First stake organized in South America, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Granite Mountain Records Vault dedicated.
1970 President David O. McKay died in Salt Lake City, age ninety-six,
succeeded by Joseph Fielding Smith, tenth president.
First Asian stake organized in Tokyo, Japan.
First African stake organized in Transvaal, South Africa.
Relief Society, financially independent since inception, stopped
fund-raising activities and turned assets over to priesthood
Monday named Family Home Evening.
1971 Church magazines consolidated.
Genesis Group for LDS African Americans organized.
1972 Church-wide sports tournaments and dance festivals discontinued.
Church Historical Department organized, Leonard J. Arrington,
church historian.
Ogden and Provo, Utah, Temples dedicated.
President Joseph Fielding Smith died in Salt Lake City, age ninetyfive,
succeeded by President Harold B. Lee, eleventh president.
1973 First stake on mainland Asia organized in Seoul, Korea.
President Harold B. Lee died in Salt Lake City, age seventy-four,
succeeded by President Spencer W. Kimball, twelfth president.
1974 Church College of Hawaii became BYU-Hawaii.
The Washington, D.C., Temple dedicated.
1975 President Kimball announced organization of First Quorum of the
Church auxiliary conferences discontinued.
Brigham Young University celebrated 100th anniversary.
1976 At General Conference, Joseph Smith's Vision of the Celestial
Kingdom and Joseph F. Smith's Vision of the Redemption of
the Dead accepted as Scripture, first addition to Doctrine and
Covenants since 1890.
Doctrine and Covenants sections 137 and 138 added.
First Presidency published statement against abortion.
Missouri's 1838 order to exterminate Mormons rescinded by Gov.
Christopher S. Bond.
Adney Komatsu, of Hawaii, was first ethnic Japanese and former
Buddhist to become a Seventy.
 First Presidency spoke against proposed Equal Rights Amendment
to the U.S. Constitution, "which could indeed bring them far
more restraints and repressions. We fear it will even stifle many
God-given feminine instincts."
1977 Yoshihiko Kikuchi is first Japanese-born man in First Quorum of
1978 The First Presidency announced revelation making worthy men of
all races eligible for priesthood; the revelation was made
"Official Declaration-2" in the Doctrine and Covenants.
Genealogical plan to extract names from records announced.
Emeritus status announced for General Authorities due to age or
infirmity, excluded First Presidency and the Quorum of the
Language Training Center became Missionary Training Center,
training all missionaries.
First Presidency allowed women to pray in sacrament meetings.
Sao Paulo Brazil Temple dedicated.
1979 Ensign magazine published first counselor N. Eldon Tanner's
statement, "When the prophet speaks the debate is over."
1,000th stake of the Church created in Nauvoo, Illinois.
Church published new 2,400-page LDS edition of the King James
Version of the Bible.
Apostle Gordon B. Hinckley, chair of the Special Affairs
Committee, tells stake presidents in Missouri and Illinois how
to conduct LDS anti-ERA campaign.
Sonia Johnson excommunicated for public criticism of Church and
support of ERA.
1980 U.S. and Canadian members began consolidated meeting schedule
in three-hour Sunday block.
Church celebrated 150th anniversary.
The Tokyo and Seattle Temples dedicated.
1981 Plans to build nine smaller temples announced.
Angel Abrea became first Hispanic Latin American sustained in
First Quorum of Seventy.
Church published new edition of the Triple Combination (Book of
Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price).
Network of 500 satellite dishes for stake centers outside Utah
Jordan River Temple dedicated.
1982 Church membership reached five million member mark.
Subtitle "Another Testament of Jesus Christ" added to Book of
Leonard J. Arrington released as church historian.
First Presidency to pay all costs of meetinghouse construction.
ERA defeated.
1983 Gordon B. Hinckley paid Mark Hofmann $15,000 for an alleged
Joseph Smith letter about his treasure digging.
Temples in Atlanta, Georgia; Apia, Samoa; Nuku'alofa, Tonga;
Santiago, Chile; Papeete, Tahiti; and Mexico City dedicated.
1984 Genealogical Facilities Program announced for local chapels.
First general authorities called for limited terms to Quorums of
Temples in Boise, Idaho: Sydney, Australia; Manilla, Philippines;
Dallas, Texas; Taipei, Taiwan; and Guatemala City dedicated.
The Church organized the 1,500th stake, 150 years after first stake
created in Kirtland, Ohio.
1985 Temples in Freiberg, Germany; Stockholm, Sweden; Chicago;
Johannesburg, South Africa; and Seoul, South Korea
President Spencer W. Kimball died in Salt Lake City, age ninety,
succeeded by President Ezra Taft Benson, thirteenth president.
1986 Temples in Lima, Peru; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Denver,
Colorado dedicated.
Church membership reached six million.
Seventies Quorums in stakes disbanded.
First Presidency issued statement opposing legalization of
1987 Documents dealer and forger Mark Hofmann imprisoned after a
plea bargain admitting responsibility for the bombing deaths of
two people and forgery.
Church-owned Hotel Utah in Salt Lake City remodeled as the
Joseph Smith Memorial.
The Church's Genealogical Department renamed the Family
History Department.
Frankfurt Germany Temple dedicated.
1988 First stake in West Africa organized in Nigeria.
 Michaelene P. Grassli, general Primary president was first woman
to speak in general conference in 133 years.
100 million temple endowments for the dead completed.
1989 Brigham Young University contracted with Macmillan Publishing
Company for the Encyclopedia of Mormonism.
Second Quorum of the Seventy created for temporary
appointments of general authorities.
100th stake in Mexico created.
Payment of ward and stake budget assessments discontinued.
Las Vegas Nevada and Portland Oregon Temples dedicated.
First Navajo general authority George P. Lee excommunicated.
Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company confirmed Utah's highest
national per capita use of Prozac.